Protect The Citizens Of Ukraine, Google Maps Has Been Disable Traffic Data

Entering the fifth day of the Conflict between Ukraine and Russia, have an impact on a lot of priority. Such as Google Maps has been switch off traffic in Ukraine.

The purpose of Google Maps to take such a step to protect the citizens of Ukraine affected by the invasion of Russia.

Because according to Google, with the ability to guide the way of Maps feared could give information that is not unexpected.

And can even harm the military to the civilians of Ukraine. Like, uncover the headquarters of the military or the movement of military in Ukraine.

Reuters has confirmed from Google that users around the world will no longer be able to see live information about traffic conditions and capacity of the business in Ukraine.

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This action was taken after consultation with the Government of Ukraine and a few trusted sources.

In addition, from the Ukrainian side also had to find the movement of Russian troops through using Google Maps.

Because the Convoy was ‘marked’ as traffic congestion by Google Maps with the awarding of the red mark.

These factors reportedly because the personnel of the Russian military forgot to turn off the location feature on his cell phone.

The decision was made after experts noted certain areas of road congestion near the border of Ukraine that is associated with the movement of Russian troops.

Traffic information directly in the Ukraine will remain available to local users in navigation mode.

But for global users for a period of conflict between the two countries is already disabled

Traffic Sensor that is disabled by Google Maps is a daily activity of Ukrainian cities such as: Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv. Now it has become a theater of battle

Google is also taking other steps to limit the spread of disinformation and encourage users to secure their accounts during the war.

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