The Latest 2022 Automotive Cars That Can Be The Best Recommendations

Latest Automotive Cars 2022, The latest automotive market may be squirming again this year. Here are the latest car recommendations that can be your choice.

For those of you who are thinking about buying a car, there are currently many new automotive cars that can be an option. A line of the latest cars are ready to be your best choice. With a variety of prices and specifications offered, you only need to choose and prepare the funds.

Even though it had experienced a decline in sales, several manufacturers still issued the latest car brands. There are many new cars that are ready to hit the streets this year. Let's see more in the following latest automotive article.

Newest Automotive Car 2022

Some people may think to buy or replace their vehicle this year. If you need a recommendation, here are some car recommendations that might be suitable to have:

1. All New Suzuki Ertiga Sport FF

The first automotive brand to release its products was Suzuki, with the All New Suzuki Ertiga Sport FF. This new variant for the low multi-purpose vehicle segment can be an option for those of you who need a car.

This Japanese manufacturer specializes in the All New Suzuki Ertiga Sport FF for the family segment. The cabin design that can accommodate many people will be a tough competitor for many other manufacturers. Especially if in the country there are a lot of Suzuki brand lovers who are ready to buy it.

2. Toyota Fortuner 2.8

Another recent car is the Toyota Fortuner 2.8. The news that the Toyota Fortuner will issue an upgraded version from the previous one has been circulating for a long time. This is also because the Toyota Fortuner is still the prima donna in its class.

In the latest version, this car will have an engine capacity of 2800 cc and will be available in two versions, namely VRZ 4×2 AT and VRZ 4×4 AT. In addition, this latest release will also experience changes in many ways.

Starting from the exterior design, interior, connectivity, and security features, everything will be upgraded. Including the engine, this latest version will use a 2GD-FTV 2400 cc diesel engine capable of producing up to 149 PS of power.

3. All New Avanza 2022

Many people have no doubts about the quality and capabilities of the Avanza, and in March 2022, this latest car brand can be purchased. The latest version will be available in two types, namely type E and type G.

Each type will experience differences in engine capacity. The first type will have an engine capacity of 1300 cc and the other version will have a capacity of 1500 cc. When viewed from the size, this new version also has a larger dimension.

4. Honda BRV

As if not to be outdone, Honda is also ready to issue its newest automotive variant, the Honda BRV. This car itself will be available in several versions. Starting from the lowest version, namely type S and the highest, namely Prestige.

For type S, will use a 6-speed manual transmission. Up one level, in type E will also use a 6-speed manual transmission and coupled with a CVT transmission. While the Prestige type will use the Honda Sensing feature.

5. Hyundai Stargazer

For those of you who are looking for an alternative MPV type car, maybe the Hyundai Stargazer can be an option. This car is still in the road test stage. However, it is believed that this year you can have the latest Hyundai car brand.

6. Mitsubishi Expander 2022

One of the best selling car brands will also have the latest version. Mitsubishi Expander, will now be present in the Mitsubishi Expander 2022 version, this latest car brand is still believed to continue the glory of the previous version.

The biggest change from this latest version is in the transmission which now uses a CVT. In addition, this latest version has more complete features, one of which is the use of the auto start stop feature which can save fuel.

Those are some of the newest vehicle brands that are ready to launch this year. So the latest automotive brand that will be your choice? Make sure to buy it according to your needs.

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