What's New Canva: 2022

Canva's What's New is back, with a bumper edition of exciting features starting in 2022. Whether you're looking to measure engagement, simplify teamwork, or quickly come up with some new content ideas, there's something for everyone, and we can't wait to see you. dive!

Create Cross-Platform Social Media Campaigns in Minutes with Quick Create

Need to create content for multiple platforms at once? Canva Quick create lets you create bulk posts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and email in minutes. Just select the format you need, add text, then watch Quick Create suggest relevant templates. Each post is customizable, so you can add your own images, logos, styles, fonts and more, to create multiple brand designs at the same time. Try Quick Build here.

Use 'Magic' for Inspiration in the Editing Canvas

Introducing the quickest way to add a little magic to your designs. When using Canva on the desktop, press '/' on your keyboard to quickly add text, shapes or anything else from our content library, without clicking outside the editing canvas. You can now find the perfect content without interrupting your creative flow.

Google Photos Integration

I'm well! We've integrated the Google Photos App with Canva on the web. Find the app in the object panel, connect your account, and make it easy to add photos and videos directly to your Canva Designs. Once enabled, why not try creating a personalized Photo Book using pictures of your friends and family?

Design Insights

Design owners and team admins can now track interactions with their designs using the Insights tab on the top bar of the editor. You can track total views using the free version of Canva, or get more data with Canva Pro, which offers a daily timeline of unique views, and shows who has viewed your designs.

Background Text Effect

Don't let your text fade into the background. Create a scroll stop design with a Background Text Effect and make your message stand out.

Connecting Shortcut

Adding links to Canva designs is now easier than ever. Use the shortcut Ctrl+K on PC or Cmd+K on Mac to add links without clicking away from the canvas.

Easy Project Handover with Ownership Transfer

Easily manage changes within your team with Ownership Transfer. Admins now have the ability to reassign design ownership to other team members, which means you can keep your live projects flowing when it's time to hand over control.

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