Canva newsletter design to stay in touch with key stakeholders

Newsletters are a great way to compile news stories into one newsletter that readers can more easily understand. Make sure your newsletter is really readable by creating a beautiful, attention-grabbing, and easy-to-read design.

How to make a newsletter :

Open Canva

You can sign up for Canva using your email, Facebook account, or Google if you haven't already. Already a user? Just log in to start creating newsletter designs.

Find the best templates

Browse Canva's library of newsletter templates for each theme. Narrow your search by adding keywords that match the template you're looking for. Click the template you like to start creating the design.

Discover various features

Browse millions of graphics, illustrations, images and other elements. Add borders, backgrounds, and text boxes anywhere in your newsletter. Use the drag and drop tool to experiment and add detail to the design.

Customize your design

Give your newsletter a touch by adding an element of brand identity. Upload your own images, photos, text and icons to decorate the design the way you want.

Publish and share

Share newsletters to your social networks in just one click. You can even send it via Mailchimp by clicking the three dots at the top right of the screen, then selecting the “Share” option.

You can rely on Canva for this project, just browse through our professionally designed sample newsletter templates and customize them to suit your brand or taste. Use our handy design tools to customize various design elements, such as images, fonts and colors. Newsletters can be in print or online, download the newsletter design as a print-ready PDF or send it to your mailing list directly from Canva.

Position yourself as an expert and build confidence in the business world

Newsletters not only deliver the latest news, they can also help you develop into an expert in your industry. In addition to important and current news about your company or business, also write about industry trends or interesting content so that you can provide a regular and consistent flow of information between you and your stakeholders. Also add a call to action to encourage them to write a response. You can also use newsletters as a means to provide information about the latest products or about the company as an online and offline marketing tool.

If you're emailing the newsletter, add a link to the website or email address, then download the design as a PDF file. You can save designs in PNG and JPEG formats with high resolution. If you want to publish your newsletter to social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others, use Canva's tool to post.

Blend text and images from your Canva media library

Images are important visual aids that can complement news articles, provide context, and break from many paragraphs of text. Insert images easily by dragging and dropping them from the image library into your design workspace. Browse millions of high-quality images, illustrations and icons across categories and topics.

Each image is carefully selected and graded to ensure it looks great both in print and on screen. There are tons of free elements in the library and you won't be paying more than $1 for each one-time use of a premium design.

Align designs using a business kit or by choosing the right colors and fonts

Make sure the newsletter design follows your business guidelines and stays in sync with each issue. Canva professional users can create useful business kits to store their business-specific color palettes, logos, and fonts that can be applied across designs. Otherwise, you can always choose the color you want using Canva's color options found on the toolbar and choose from hundreds of available fonts.

Handling design projects with the team

Since your designs are stored in the cloud, you can easily collaborate with your team to get input or include their edits. Just send them a link to edit your design by clicking the share button and ticking the box. Once registered, you can access your designs anytime and from any computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

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