In the midst of the popularity of the photo of NFT, the Italian automaker Lamborghini was preparing a work of art on digital media as the project NFT them.

NFT or Non-Fungible Token is indeed a new topic that is widespread in the social media Ground Water in a few days. The cause is because of the photo of NFT Ghozali Everyday that sold up to $ 3.1 trillion. Apparently fever NFT also began to spread in the automotive realm. Is a manufacturer of sports car of Italian origin, Lamborghini, which also was getting into the realm of the NFT.

Project NFT latest

Many people assume that the NFT as the future of the art trade. Although it can be copied or downloaded, the buyer NFT can get the ownership over the work of art that is unique. This is what makes the Lamborghini interested in introducing his latest project associated with NFT. Of course, not a photo NFT ordinary as many done by most people.

Working with artists that don't called his name, the automaker introduced the Lamborghini Space Key. This is a item-shaped key which there are only five units in the whole world. This Item is made of carbon fiber which is never sent to the International Space Station on 2019 ago.

Each key to get the QR code on the case back carbon fiber. Each connected in the work of art that is not known to the medium. There has been no information about the types of works of art what is in the QR code and the artists who create the work. Although there was a possibility of these works is a photo of NFT that is being talked about.

Ready auctioned

Talking about the project NFT's, Stephan Winkelmann, CEO of Lamborghini in his official statement revealed that the digital tokens this is a form of innovation that is part of the DNA of the brand Italian.

"As a leading company for carbon fiber composite materials in the automotive sector, we push the boundaries of the two and a half years ago with a joint research project in outer space. Now enter the metaverse, again evidence of the Lamborghini is always sail to new horizons,” said Stephan.

For this project, they work together with NFT PRO™ is a specialized company engaged in the field of NFT. Lamborghini revealed that they will share more details about this project, including the name of the artist who designed the Space Key. Including the date and the time in which the work of NFT is to be auctioned later

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