This is the Symptoms of Blood Cancer that is Most Common to Appear

The symptoms of blood cancer can actually be fairly difficult to identify due to the absence of a sign or characteristic that is typical. However, it is still important to observe and be aware of the occurrence of changes in the body, the slightest order to help detect health problems this one. 

Keep in mind that the faster the symptoms of cancer is detected, of couse the sooner you get treatment. That is, the outcomes that you have also the higher and the risk of occurrence of complications or the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body can be prevented. 

The symptoms of Blood Cancer that is Most Common

Blood cancers occur when abnormal cells grow on the blood. This health problem is divided into many types, and each type have symptoms that are arguably not the same. Even so, there are symptoms of blood cancer that is fairly common in the early phase of the emergence of health problems, including: 

The Blood Becomes Hard Freezes

The occurrence of cancer of the blood caused due to cancerous cells invade the blood platelets are very important to the clotting of blood. These conditions resulted in people living with blood cancer often experience bleeding. 

Usually, when you are wounded, the blood that comes out should be lumpy so that the flow of blood stopped. However, the blood out of the wound a person with leukemia will be very difficult to stop. When observed, the blood that comes out is also not has intense red color, but pink. 

Often Bruising and Bleeding

The symptoms of blood cancer next that arguably often encountered is often bruised and bleeding. The bruises on the body occurs because the body is experiencing a shortage of platelets which help the blood to more easily freezes.

Platelet levels are low in the body of an impact on the difficulty of the blood to clot. Furthermore, will the spots appear red or financial due to the occurrence of bleeding is minor in the deep part of the skin called petechiae. 

Very Susceptible To Infection

The development of white blood cells is abnormal result in a lot of germs easily invade and infect the body is not able to exterminated by the white blood cells. This condition makes the body becomes more susceptible to infection and fever. Usually, a fever that occurs due to blood cancer often occurs and can last up to a couple of days with a temperature of more than 38 degrees Celsius. 

Pain in the Bones and Joints

People with blood cancer are also generally more often experience pain in the spine or joints. In fact, pain is a very, very this could make the body of the people had a very high fever. In addition to pain in the spine and joints, people with blood cancer is also often experience pain in the abdominal area because the lymph and liver swelling. 

Less Blood or Anemia

When experiencing cancer of the blood, people will generally tend to experience less blood or anemia. Not without reason, anemia appear because someone is experiencing a deficiency of red blood cells. Symptoms include skin and face paled, body weakness, shortness of breath, to always feel tired and lethargic. 

In addition, people also often experience nosebleeds, nausea, inflammation of the gums, headache, nausea, decrease in appetite resulting in weight loss, excessive sweating at night, and pops of blood in the feces. If it occurs in women, cancer of the blood also result in the volume of menstrual blood that comes out a lot more.

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