How to Minimize YouTube di HP Xiaomi Easily!

Watching YouTube is one of the popular activities the general public. Therefore, social media is dominated by the content of the video have a wide choice of useful content. That is why, sometimes someone wants to watch though simultaneously open another application. The goal is that the video can continue to run even if the YouTube app is turned on. Through this article, Doran Gadgets will review about how to minimize YouTube di HP Xiaomi easily.

Why is using a smartphone brand Xiaomi? Because Xiaomi supports features picture-in-picture onYouTube and allows the application has a small window in the smartphone. This ease can be enjoyed by users of Xiaomi which is already equipped with a system of MIUI 11 and Android 10. Even Xiaomi users that are using Android system and MIUI 11 legacy can still enjoy the feature. Here are the steps that You can do!

How to Minimize YouTube di HP Xiaomi

Minimize YouTube in HP certainly ease You to enjoy the event Live Streaming and other content while opening other applications. For example, open the application WhatsApp, browsing, to other social media. Curious how to minimize YouTube? According to Xiaomidev, here's how You can use it, especially for Xiaomi users.

How to Listen to YouTube in the Screen Dead – Features Picture-in-Picture (PiP)

Features picture-in-picture (PiP) is fairly easy to operate and You can follow the tutorial available on YouTube. Watch the tutorial on the PC first as You follow how to activate the PiP feature in the HP Xiaomi. Here are the steps: 

  • Open the Xiaomi smartphone You then go to the Google Chrome application
  • Select and open the YouTube app
  • Find the video that you want to play, click the feature to widen the screen on (full display)
  • Wait until the video is successfully played. After that, press the ‘home button’.
  • To restore the features of the ‘full display’, click on the video and select ‘full screen’.

Special features that can be used by the YouTube user with a smartphone other than Xiaomi. Of course with the provisions and setting its own to activate it. If you want to remove YouTube from the screen when using the PiP feature, simply drag the video display to the direction of the under to be eliminated automatically. 

How to Minimize YouTube di HP Xiaomi Split Screen

In addition to the features minimize YouTube di HP Xiaomi, features hereinafter referred to as ‘Split Screen’.

In addition to the features minimize YouTube di HP Xiaomi, features hereinafter referred to as ‘Split Screen’. Split screen allows users to watch YouTube videos and other applications with how to split the screen.  Different with the feature of PiP, the screen features Split Screen is wide to watch YouTube. Here is how to minimize Youtube di HP Xiaomi with split screen feature: 

  • Select the ‘Home Button’
  • Screen appears contains an active application that is being executed
  • Then click the tap split screen in the top left of the Xiaomi smartphone You.
  • Select the Youtube app, then drag it to the top until the video appears.
  • On the other part, the screen can be filled with other applications, such as: Instagram and Facebook.

At first, the split screen feature has been there since MIUI 9 and when this can be used on smartphone Xiaomi type anything. Of course these features make it easier for users to watch Youtube while opening other applications.

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That's the brief information about how to minimize YouTube di HP Xiaomi. Since its original Xiaomi always attach the best features through a smartphone of his. You are interested in using the HP Xiaomi? Get original and quick in Doran Gadgets! Purchase Xiaomi latest and quality You can get here. For information and reservations, please book online at Doran Gadgets and contact WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram for other product information.

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