DFSK Prepares New Electric Car Competitor for Wuling Air EV, Will Appear at PEVS Exhibition

The DFSK manufacturer has again demonstrated its commitment to the development of the electrification ecosystem in Indonesia. DFSK plans to bring a new electric car. Not immediately sold, but appearing at the 2022 Perikliindo Electric Vehicle Show (PEVS). Called as one of the introductions of electric vehicle technology.

"We believe that consumers in Indonesia still need a lot of education about electrification before actually moving to electric vehicles in the future. Therefore, DFSK actively introduces various electrification technologies to the Indonesian people on a regular basis in the hope that the understanding of electric vehicles will get better and the transition to electric vehicles can run smoothly," said Marketing Head of PT Sokonindo Automobile, Achmad Rofiqi in an official statement.

There is no information about the shape and type, only a teaser silhouette image has been shared. However, it is referred to as an electric vehicle solution with high mobility, compact size and functionality to meet the needs of urban transportation. It is claimed, the unit in question has proven successful and is suitable for use in urban areas with road conditions with a stop and go character. The design is also said to have a style and support the appearance of modern people.

If you look closely, both from the silhouette, the shape of the lights and the description, the electric car that will appear is probably the DFSK Sokon Candy or commonly known as the Fengguang Mini EV in China.

"The appearance of this electric vehicle will be proof of how DFSK is truly committed to serving our customers by presenting various technologies that really suit their needs.

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