Elon Musk Enable Starlink in Ukraine Overcome Disorders of the Internet

Elon Musk on Wednesday (26/02) said that internet service satellite Starlink active in Ukraine, to cope with the internet access is disrupted by the Russian troops.

“Service Starlink is now active in Ukraine. More terminals in the journey,” the tweet Musk on Saturday.

Action Musk in delivering internet service Starlinknya, on the basis of response to petition the government of Ukraine Mykhailo Fedorov so he provides more terminal Starlink into the country.

Starlink is a satellite network orbit private company that is being developed which aims to provide internet connection to all the people in this world.

Satellite prototype was launched into orbit in 2018, and since then the company has deployed nearly 2,000 satellites Starlink into orbit in dozens launch successfully.

Satellite based service provides an alternative to the system ground-based are often difficult to use in remote areas or are prone to interference by military action or a natural disaster.

Indeed, Elon Musk, best known as the owner of this company electric car Tesla, But one of the projects that are less known in the internet connection called starlink.

Have a goal to sell internet connections to almost all people on the planet, through private satellite network that is constantly evolving orbiting in space.

Starlink take langkahpada 2021. In January, after a successful launch for three years, the project has surpassed the 1,000 satellites sent to orbit.

One year and dozens launch successful then, Starlink offers nearly 2,000 satellites functional orbiting at the top of the head.

Business Starlink also faster. In February last year, the company Musk revealed that the Starlink serve more than 10,000 customers.

Now, after expanding pre-orders to more potential customers, the release of the parabola is the internet home of the second generation and explore the possibility of providing free Wi-Fi in flight for passenger aircraft.

Musk said that Starlink has sent more than 100,000 terminal satellite internet to customers. in 14 countries.

That list included the Ukraine, where Musk said terminal satellite internet now are in the trip in the middle of the invasion of Russia.

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