Google Unblock YouTube The Russian Government, Child Fruit Vladimir Putin Responds To

Russia responds to the actions of Google unblock YouTube channel of the media belong to the Russian government.

Post-Russian invasion to Ukraine, Google blocked access to the YouTube channel of the media belong to the Russian government, such as RT and Sputnik.

This block makes a number of YouTube channel makes the user not be able to access the internet users.

In addition, the owners of any media could not profit advertising or Adsense from the canal YoTube them.

Now, the Russian government has urged Google to open access to the block.

The institutions that oversee aspects of communications, information technology, and mass media in Russia, or so-called Roskomnadzor has expressed such a request.

According to some reports, Roskomnadzor has sent a letter to Google to remove the restriction of access to a number of media belonging to the Russian government.

But there has been no clarity on the contents of the letter Roskomnadzor has been sent to Google.

Yet it is also clear how the response to Google about the letter or the insistence of the Russian government such.

But obviously, Google seems to continue to strive to fulfill the various demands of the government of Ukraine to block the media belonging to the Russian government that is present in a number of platforms.

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