Huawei Introduce a Series of ‘Super Device’ at MWC 2022

In the event the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in 2022 in Barcelona on 27 February, Huawei introduced the ability connectivity between devices company known as the concept of a Super Device for the Smart Office.

This is a new solution that will further improve the connectivity and collaboration of cross-device in between your Huawei device on the event

Feature-based software comes in-line with the encouragement Huawei towards the Seamless AI Life, which includes five main scenario: Health and Fitness, Easy Travel, Smart Office, Entertainment, Smart Home.

Huawei introduced the Super Device as a new solution to improve connectivity and collaboration cross-device Huawei.

More than that, Super Device also predicted to able to create a new path of development of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as potentially revolutionize the mobile industry globally.

“Feature-based software is presented by Huawei to realize the concept of Seamless AI Life who is able to strengthen the digitization in the five main scenarios, namely health and fitness, ease of travel (the easy travel), the office of smart (smart office), entertainment, as well as smart home (smart home),” said Patrick Ru, Country Head of Huawei CBG Indonesia.

“This innovation also makes Huawei one step ahead in improving the efficiency of the work digitally with the synergy of two core capabilities Huawei, i.e. the Collaboration of Cross-Devices (Cross-Device Collaboration) and Integrated Ecosystem (Ecosystem Integration),” said Patrick.

Specifically, the Collaboration of Cross-Device is an effort to connect multiple devices in one experience.

While the Integrated Ecosystem designed to remove the gap between the Windows operating system and mobile platform.

The second ability that takes the user to a level higher on the experience of the technology, productivity, and the convenience of mobile access.

Connectivity Without Limits

On Huawei P50 Pro, connectivity Super Device role to make the flagship smartphone as an external drive when connected to a PC.

It allows users to access files of mobile as they do with other external storage device.

The user can also display the interface of the smartphone to the PC screen, and even with the Collaboration of Multi-Screen, three mobile applications can be opened simultaneously in there.

Access files from the smartphone to the PC became more quickly and easily through the feature drag-and-drop, as well as vice versa can save the automatic editing is done in the PC to the smartphone.

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