Yamaha Give Tips On How To Drive Fuel Efficient

Respond to the high use of motorcycles in Indonesia, Yamaha as a manufacturer of motorcycles continues to innovate in perfecting its products. One of them with the presence of the machine-tech Blue Core 155cc VVA in the ranks of the scooter premium Maxi Yamaha, like the All New NMAX 155 Connected ABS.

“Innovation machine Blue Core which is equipped with the technology of Variable Valve Actuation (VVA) in the line-up of scooter premium Yamaha, has proven to be reliable in answer to the mobility needs of Indonesian consumers are diverse. The performance of the engine is high, can be used to face all driving conditions, including to conquer the streets uphill or worn on the back. In addition mesin Blue Core also provide added value for the consumer in terms of consumption of fuel is more economical. We give you tips that can help consumers in driving economical in terms of fuel,” said Antonius Widiantoro, Manager of Public Relations, YRA & Community PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Mfg (26/11/2021).

But if we talk about keiritan in the drive, in addition to technological factors machines owned by the motor, there are actually several other factors that come into affect. As the condition of the motorcycle, driving style rider, load that applied to the motor, to the path or route which bypassed.

Here are tips on how to drive a fuel efficient Yamaha:

Make Sure The Condition Of The Motor Prima

The condition of the motor is primed to be one of the important factors in supporting the keiritan drive. Before driving make sure the motorcycle is in good condition. Check the tire pressure in normal condition. Because if the tire shortage of wind, then pull the motor to be heavy and this makes the consumption of gasoline is becoming more extravagant. Not only that, regular maintenance such as oil changes and cleaning the air filter also needs to be done to keep the traction motor are fixed so that the optimal fuel consumption is not wasteful.

The operation of the Motor Good

In addition to the condition of the motor is primed, the other things that need to be considered in keeping to the irritant gasoline is the way of driving. The more aggressive driving style rider with openings in the gas and brake operation that does not regularly will make the petrol motor will be inefficient.

Therefore, it is necessary to drive smooth in terms of the operation of the motor, such as opening the gas slowly and keep the speed remains constant as long as possible. Then, do not brake suddenly (with the exception of emergency) so that the supply of gasoline flowed into the combustion chamber becomes more scalable and efficient.

Take advantage of the Features on the Motor

Product Maxi Yamaha All New NMAX 155 Connected ABS, has been equipped with technology and some of the functional features that best support the creation of fuel efficiency. Such features Stop & Start System (SSS) that reduces fuel consumption is not necessary when the motor is stopped, to the Eco Riding indicator on the speedometer or an Y-Connect to tell that the rider is operating the motor in the condition of the fuel.

Bring The Goods According To The Capacity

One of the other things that need to be considered to keep keiritan gasoline is to not bring items that exceed the capacity (overload) power load of the motor. Usually when they want to touring, motors are often fitted with a touring box on the right side, left side and rear of the motor body to put the goods without regard to the ability of haulage motor that lead to excess load.

Due to an overload condition, in addition to making the performance of the machine into a heavy impact on the wasteful gasoline, the condition is also dangerous for motorists because it can eliminate the balance of the motor, especially when you're maneuvering.

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