Rawat Mesin Sepeda Motor Matik with the Right Oil

Matic motorcycle 125 cc, including the most in demand in Indonesia, because it is practical and comfortable ride. To maintain performance and optimum performance, the Buddy need to consistently care for the motorcycle, one of them with the replacement of oil by using the right product and quality.

Replacement oli sepeda motor matik regularly and will appropriately support the quality of the ride, riders to be more comfortable to travel both short distance and long distance.

“As a pioneer matic motorcycle and oli matic, Yamaha does not focus only bring innovative products but also product care machine automatic so that the motor remains durable and strong for use on the mobility of the solid. Yamalube Power Matic oil to be one of the products specially formulated for engines of motor matik 125 Yamaha that need the durability of the machine so performance is maintained. We hope the use of the product Yamalube the right can continue to support the durability of the motorcycle Yamaha beloved people of Indonesia,” said Agung Budi Raharja, 

Be care products motor matik, Yamalube Power Matic Oil packaging bottle 800ml this has several advantages that are recommended for motor matic generation of 125 Yamaha, such as:

— Specially formulated by Yamaha motor matic generation of 125, so that the support vehicle performance remains optimal.

— Has the composition of the additive anti-rust and corrosion to prevent the occurrence of corrosion on the machine, so keep the machine matik more durable.

— Contains Molybdenum that provides the level of friction in engine components is very low so that performance is maintained.

With the advantages offered to make the product Yamalube Power Matic Oil be the choice of the majority of users of motor generation 125 Yamaha. In addition Yamalube Power Matic Oil, Yamalube also has products other lubricants such as Yamalube Matic Oil and Yamalube Super Matic for motor matik premium, such as the MAXI series.

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