Toyota Corolla 2022 X TRACK Bikes Released in Europe, Increasingly Sophisticated Goda Bike Enthusiasts

Fever cycling seems to be not only happen in Indonesia. Some countries in the world are increasingly crowded with fans of the bike. No exception on the continent of Europe. This was realized by the car manufacturer Toyota announced model Special Edition Corolla new TRACK last weekend.

Car type estate was created in partnership with bicycle manufacturer famous from the United States, TRACK Bikes. His nickname Toyota Corolla TREK Touring Sport. By Toyota Europe, the car was added with higher specs and designs are exclusive.

Detail Toyota Corolla TRACKS Sport Touring

From the exterior, Toyota Corolla TRACKS Sport Touring looks more muscular. Despite the changes made can not be called significant.

Some of the rooms with the height of the car of which is raised to 20 mm. And there is a panel wheel arch mouldings and under-runs in the space of the front wheel and the rear. Toyota Corolla TREK Touring Sport also introduces the 18 inch alloy wheels with new designs, cross 10.

Then there is the chrome trim on the top of the window Toyota Corolla TREK Touring Sport. While the in-cab display door handle black piano, black leather upholstery and a line satin chrome on the instrument panel and front door.

Toyota Corolla TREK Touring Sport powered drive system for hybrid electric self-charging with the support of the 2.0-litre engine. Session introduction model Toyota Corolla TREK Touring Sport will start in Europe at the end of this month. But the shipment started in January 2022.

There Is An Update Of Technology In Toyota Corolla 2022

There are models of the Corolla that is released simultaneously with the model Toyota Corolla TREK Touring Sport. Where is the Toyota Europe also did some additions to the variant Corolla 2022, better than a sedan and hatchback.

In model Toyota Corolla 2022 also obtain the multimedia system, and more connectivity features. This technology is offered as standard on the Mid+, GR SPORT, TRACK, and High. But these features will be present as the optional on model trim low.

For the new infotainment system is claimed to have a more powerful CPU and can operate up to 2.4 times faster than the current version. It makes the entertainment this cabin react to commands more quickly. LCD Panel 8 inches this can be operated via finger touch or voice control.

The driver can use voice commands on-board recognize the demand to operate the multimedia system, and function components of the vehicle such as open or close the window.

From a series of state of the art services that are presented there is also navigation feature cloud-based traffic information that active always.

The software update is performed by integrating the smartphone to the car via Apple CarPlay that can be done with a wireless connection. As well as Android Auto which unfortunately still need a cable.

Such features in the Toyota Smart Connect is free for four years. Including navigation cloud, parking information and local information of the road and so on.

Update The Exterior Sector

In addition to the features which are more advanced, Toyota Corolla 2022 also get a collection of new colors for this new model. In the sedan version available color Platinum White Pearl and Silver Metallic. And is also available as a combination of two colors for the body style Hatchback and Touring Sports.

Then the 17-inch alloy wheels 10-spoke new with a touch of the end of the sky is also added to the ranks of the Corolla for the year 2022.

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