BMW-5 Series F10 Look Fashionable Convert Part M5, Foot Slithers Wear Airsus

Modifications BMW-5 Series F10 this one at first glance look simple, but when viewed in more detail it turns out that a lot of that changed.

The man from the United States, Eddy, as the owner of a BMW 5 Series F10 this selects the flow of stance VIP in order to appear fashionable and charming.

The aesthetics of the exterior to be the main weapon BMW-5 Series F10 to be more fashionable wearing the paint scheme of the body greenish yellow that is cool.

Greenish-yellow color yield wrapping these stickers are almost superimposed whole-body sedan BMW, ranging from front, side and stern.

In addition clad in attractive colors, some detail the body of the standard saloon-5 Series is also replaced with a part of the BMW M5 which is more sporty.

Parts of the face clearly looks different from the standard model, in which the bumper is made more attractive and blends with the splitter GTS 10.

Side profile of the car is also increasingly meeting the asphalt decorated side skirts BMW M5 accompanied by spliter thin underneath

A glance at the stern area, added ducktail minimalist at the door storage and application of the diffuser ala GTS 10 are packaged aggressive.

In order to complement the style of the stance adopted, the sector foot-foot-Series sedan 5 made by BMW is also not separated from the touch of modification.

Affairs setup selectable wheel wheels Y-Spoke Rennen Forged R55 and black color lips bronze fitting in harmony with the body color.

With an air suspension alerts AccuAir and compressor AMS Autowerks E-Level which makes it fall down stuck asphalt.

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