How to Replace the Home Address on Google Maps

Google maps is still very important to be pointing device address, As You know, You can set your home and work addresses. So the app knows the route You, and can do a better job with the advice.

In this article, we will show you how to change Your home address at Google Maps. We will share the instructions about how to do this from the Google Maps app in your smartphone.

The steps are quite simple, but the Team Cellular will give You the trick step-by-step, accompanied with a screenshot, to make it easier for you to follow the tutorial that we created, Before you start make Sure the Google Maps app installed on Your phone.

If yes, You have to open the Google maps app, and sign in to review how the following:

After You have entered in the Google maps app, You'll need to tap Your profile picture in the top right corner.

  • Will appear a few options from the menu,but you must choose the option “Settings”/ “Settings”.
  • In the settings menu, You will see the option “Edit the home or office”, take your pick.
  • The address of the House and Your Office will be available here. In the address next to “Home”, tap on the three vertical dots.
  • In the search bar, type the address of Your new home. Once You do, it will appear at the bottom, as shown on the image. Tap the address found Google Maps based on what You type.
  • That's all, Your home address has changed.            
  • This is also useful for Assistant Google, and so on. If You have recently moved, and You want to change Your home address, it's not a problem

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