Google Take Serious Action To The Theft Of Data Type “Botnet Glupteba”

Has previously been predicted that by christmas there will be a case of fraud, digital, and really going after Google find and take legal action operation hacking called Botnets glupteba.

Google announced that they have taken actions related the Incident to the hack that uses for botnets glupteba has taken control of more than 1 million Windows devices.

Botnet glupteba is a malware infrastructure command and control Glupteba based in Russia, botnet powered blockchain that is used to target Windows machines, all over the world since at least 2011, including the U.S., India, Brazil, and the countries of Southeast Asia.

Glupteba is famous for stealing credentials and user data, to mine cryptocurrency on an infected host, and set up a proxy to distribute the internet traffic to other people through the machine and the router is infected.

“We understand and recognize the threat that is facing the Internet, and we're doing our part to address it,” Said Google reports in the New York Post

Google has taken action while with with a stop of about 63 million Google Docs detected share Glupteba, more than 1,100 Google Account and even 870 Google Ads.

After that Google, filed a lawsuit against the botnet that support the blockchain litigation, which they refer to as the first of its kind wish to create a legal liability for the operators of the botnet, and help prevent future activity.

Google bet legal actions will complicate the group to utilize other devices. The lawsuit mentions Dmitry Starovikov and Alexander Filippov, noted that there were still about 15 actors of the unknown is also involved.

The lawsuit was filed in the Southern District of New York. Starovikov and Filippov demanded because of the computer fraud and abuse, trademark infringement, and more. Google also filed a temporary restraining order, an attempt to create a legal liability for the operator.

Erin Plante, senior director of investigative service Chainalysis, said that the botnet has two crypto currency main: cryptojacking and tactics previously unknown used to avoid closure

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