Smartphone Oppo ROM 128GB, Rp2 Up to Rp3 Millions of Existing 5G

Internal Media is often referred to as ROM (Read Only Memory). Usually the specifications of the RAM and storage are listed in unison, with a smaller number refers to the RAM.

For example “8 GB/ 128 GB” means that the phone has a RAM capacity of 8GB and a media storage up to 128GB.

The Smartphone consists of RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM. RAM plays a role in storing data in the system as well as affect the operation speed and smooth opening the app.

ROM is used to store data, such as photos, videos, music, apps in your smartphone. Same as RAM. ROM full may result in the speed of the smartphone.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to how much RAM and ROM provided. A number of the brand has released RAM and ROM space, reaching even 1 TB. But keep in mind the greater of RAM and ROM, the higher the selling price of the smartphone,

And as time goes by a number of brands have also released a ROM which is enough to meet the needs of users in the communication activities and daily entertainment, as it defends the email, message files, photo and video, for entertainment such as mobile gaming, or streaming video, of course with a relatively affordable price.

Such as Oppo, one of the brand which is quite loved by smartphone users has been released ROM128 GB with a starting price of Rp2 to Rp3 millions, following his review:

Oppo A53


ROM 128GB 2440


Earlier this smartphone comes with a configuration RAM 4/64GB and RAM 6/128GB. Now, the vendor gives you the option of different configurations.

That set with the previous product, now A53 include the configuration of 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM as well as the color options of the new fairy white.

That can still be expanded with microSD up to 256GB. Screen 6.5" plus support a screen with a high refresh rate 90hz on Oppo A53 make it more convenient for surfing on social media or play a variety of latest mobile game.

Oppo A53 4/128 be the middle class of the line is A series that is quite powerful thanks to the presence of a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 460.

Then on the back there is the main camera as sharp as a 16 MP f / 2.2, macro-2 MP f / 2.4, and a depth sensor of 2 MP. Then there is the selfie camera, 8 MP, f / 2.0. A53 5G comes with a battery capacity 4.040 mAh Charging is 10W.

Oppo A54




Oppo complement the A54 with Triple Main Camera which consists of the main camera is 13MP, macro camera 2MP camera and bokeh 2MP. This camera is equipped with various features artificial intelligence that can be used young users to express a variety of their expressions through social media.

The presence of the display type single punch-hole 6.51 inch, screen Oppo A54 features Eye Comfort which will reduce the blue light on screen to prevent strain on the eyes. The user can manually enable this feature or set the period of scheduled.

Meet the computing artificial intelligence, Oppo complement the A54 with the processor Mediatek Helio P35. Capacity 4GB of RAM will make the device run smoothly, moreover type of RAM LPDDR4X have improved the performance of the top 10% higher compared with the previous technology.

In addition, the internal storage of large 128GB give flexibility to the consumer to store a variety of files and documents.

The device performance is improved with technology Oswap which is a combination of Z-RAM and a landswap speeding technologies.

By doing compression RAM to the EMC, or take advantage of the ability ROM, this technology can utilize the storage space available to increase the speed of the system. In this way, 4GB RAM can work like a 6GB RAM.

For the first time, Oppo brings the certification IP rating on the line series. Compared with the certification of IPX2, Oppo added a layer of retaining water, which gives the resistance enough for everyday use.

Oppo perform a rain of pipe-swing test for 10 minutes and after 72 hours is not a malfunction occurs, so that this device meets the requirements of waterproof standard is IPX4.

On the side of the power source, the Oppo A54 using a large capacity battery 5000 mah with charging plug Type C.

Oppo A74 5G




Oppo A74 powered by a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 662, this device is surely can run most of the mobile game smoothly.

Moreover, plus a combination of 6GB RAM LPDDR4X, which provides improved performance of the 10% of the previous type. Download the game which is a large one, can be accommodated through the internal storage 128GB UFS 2.1, which can still be expanded with MicroSD cards up to 256GB.

This series is equipped with a battery helpless 5000mAh. To fill it, Oppo equip this device with the technology of fast charging 33W that can charge the device fully in just 72 minutes.

For the screen, Oppo A74 offers a brilliant display. Screen 6.43-inch type AMOLED FHD+ and the design of the punch-hole.

Oppo A74 meet all the needs of photography young users as the target market by offering three cameras on the back. The third camera is already equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) or artificial intelligence so as to make the user more creative in capturing the moment and share it.

Oppo pin main camera 48MP camera, bokeh 2MP, and a macro camera 2MP to capture the smaller details.

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