The device 5G Blackberry Stopped Production Due to License Issue?

OnwardMobility a month ago had promised the device 5G Blackberry will be present, ending with the effort failed due to the natural delay production.

A small company based in Austin, has been burdened with the revival of the brand BlackBerry smartphone 5G.

A report from Android Police, revealed that the company is a startup that turns out not to continue the project after the license to use the name of the BlackBerry canceled.

Reportedly, has been cancelled by the CEO of BlackBerry John Chen reluctantly the brand name used by other smartphones.

Plus the existence of the problem of the supply chain industry sustainable the more it will help.

But until recently, both OnwardMobility and BlackBerry has yet to comment on these constraints.

Therefore the possibility of OnwardMobility will pivot to release a smartphone branded non-Blackberry, or stop trading completely.

The Priv is the only Android phone that's made in-house by Blackberry before starting to outsource the design and production of the devices to TCL in 2016.

Finally the Blackberry itself out of the smartphone business consumers in 2016 to focus on the products and services of cyber security for company.

Blackberry and TCL ended after tensions arose with the company for the support of software for Android phones.

The Canadian company, once again ventured into the cellular space with OnwardMobility and FIH Mobile Limited, a subsidiary of Foxconn.

Signed in the year 2020, the move saw a small startup based in Texas perform product planning and development of the market for the smartphone BlackBerry in North America.

While FIH Mobile will design and manufacture the BlackBerry device under strict guidelines to ensure the integrity of components, devices, and supply chain.

Smartphone 5G's promised to release mid-2021, but the news as if it came and went.

Sign in 2022 Blackberry instead announced it has officially disable the software itself.

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