Measuring the Ambition Xiaomi, Coup Apple in the Smartphone Market High End

Chinese tech giants Xiaomi will increase the challenge against Apple by focusing on the upscale segment in the smartphone market globally.

The ambition was coined by the founder and CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun, as handset makers main China hastened to fill the void left by vendors other China, Huawei.

“(We aim for) fully perform the benchmark against Apple in the (in it) products and experiences, and be the brand's top-class largest in China in the next three years,” Lei said in a post on microblogging platform Weibo on Tuesday (8/2/2022), when he repeated the company's strategic goal to evolve into the largest smartphone vendor in the world in the same period.

Posting Lei, which was published on the same day when the management of the company based in Beijing held a meeting placed their first after the Lunar New Year holiday, describe the competition in the smartphone arena, also known as the “war of life and death”, which must be overcome Xiaomi to continue. growth.

He also repeated the promise of the company to invest 100 billion yuan (US$15,71 billion) in research and development over the next five years to help achieve its ambitions.

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