Thanks to This Feature, the Amount of the Google Account that Got Hacked Down Up to 50%

Google shared the latest report in a post on his blog. Google found that they see a decline in the account got hack as much as 50%.

After enabling two-step verification (two-step verification) by default on more than 150 million users and more than 2 million YouTube creator.

Last year, in October, Google announced plans to

enable two-step verification automatically at 150 million accounts before

the end of the year to improve the safety of the user.

According to Google, 50% reduction in accounts hack proves how

beneficial use two-step verification and how effective in

protect Your account and all personal information invaluable contained in


In the same report, Google also said it would continue the activation of the

automatic two-step verification in the year 2022.

Through the announcement, Google said it is working on the implementation of the

the key to security, which will offer way more safe and convenient, to sign in using a Google account.

According to Google, the use of a security lock will eliminate the need

to use the password in to log in to Your account.

In addition, because they offer security entrance best, Google

your Android phone is compatible with this new technology.

While they also set up the app Google Smart Lock for iPhone and iPad.

Google also reminded users about the three ways that they can

use to keep their account remains safe:

Use google's Security Checkup: Check the Security of Google may be

recommend specific actions for You to increase the security of your account or

Your profile.’

You can also use the Security check to set up email or recovery phone number and see which apps have access to

Your account, security activity, as well as the number of devices You use

to enter.

Enable two-step verification if it is still not activated: If the password is You

compromised, two-step verification can protect your account and Your personal data because

will add an extra step in the login process.

Use the Google Password Manager: According to Google, with Google Password

Manager, You can have strong passwords without the need to remember it, You

can see if Your password is compromised, and You can log in to the site

with just the press of a button.

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