3 Steps To Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

Do you ever feel breasts have a form that is not supposed to be or are sometimes feels sore when touched in a certain area? It is important to realize this condition, especially if symptoms such as pain getting worse. Therefore, it can be a sign that you experience a problem on the breast, one of them is breast cancer. 

Early detection of breast cancer is becoming a mandatory thing for every lady. The earlier the disease is detected, the sooner treatment can be done to prevent the spread that may occur. However, how appropriate steps to detect breast cancer early? For more details read the following reviews!

What Are The Steps Of Early Detection Of Breast Cancer?

Many women are confused to the symptoms he felt, whether caused by breast cancer or the onset of menstruation. In fact, the feeling of different felt in the breasts of women who are entering a period with suffering from this dangerous disease. Women will feel that breast tightening and more dense, until accompanied by swelling of the nipple and surrounding area. Then, how to detect breast cancer as early as possible?

Mandatory inspection do you do to determine the shape of normal breast, aware of the presence or absence of changes in the breast and so any changes can be immediately consulted and not too late to be handled. With early detection of the breast, many women survived from breast cancer.

Breast self-examination (BSE) can be done by using the hands and vision to check if there are physical changes in the breast. The process of this examination is done so that all the changes that lead to more serious conditions can be treated immediately.

The right time to perform BSE is a few days after the menstrual period ends. At the time of menstruation, hormone levels fluctuate, causing changes in the body, including the breast tightened. Well, some how to that can be done to perform BSE, among others:

1. Examination in Front of a Mirror

You just need a mirror and the lighting of the room the better. Stand in front of the glass, and then open the clothes from the waist up. Please note carefully the conditions of your breast. Most women generally have a breast size that is not of the same magnitude. Then, try to stand with your arms at your sides. 

Note the shape, size, and whether there are changes such as the surface, the color of the skin, and the shape of the nipple of the breast. Check also whether there is a discharge from the nipple by placing the thumb and index finger around the nipple, then press slowly. Repeat on the other breast.

2. While bathing

You can check the breast while bathing. Soap foam can ease the movement of the hand to check for lumps or breast changes. Use your fingers to press the other part by part with soft.

3. Lay

Examination of the BSE can be done by lying because when lying down, the breast becomes dilated and easy to be checked. While lying down, you can put a rolled towel or small pillow under the shoulders. Use lotion to massage the breast and massage with the movement in the direction of the desk. 

Do this until the entire surface of the breast up to the nipple of the finished palpable. Things that need to be considered during and after the conduct of the examination is to remain calm if you find any changes in the breast. Although they have to stay alert, but most of the physical changes do not always lead to cancer. Required further examination to diagnose this disorder.

What is the Condition Suspected Breast Cancer?

Lumps or changes in the breast can have many causes, but most do not cause serious conditions. However, cancer late handled can impact very seriously. Therefore, immediately consult a doctor if there are some of these conditions:

  • A hard lump in the breast or armpit;
  • Changes on the surface of the skin as wrinkled, or there is a basin;
  • Changes in the size and shape of the breast, especially when breast lift or move your arm;
  • Discharge from the nipples of the breast, but not breast MILK;
  • The outflow of blood from the nipple;
  • There are sections nipples were flushed and become damp, as well as not being changed to be like the original;
  • Nipple changed shape, for example to be sunk into the;
  • A rash around the nipple;

There is a pain or discomfort that is sustainable in the breast.

Well, now you can do a physical examination of your own by applying some of the ways that have been mentioned. By getting early examination, it is expected of breast cancer that occur can be resolved soon. So, the bad impact which may occur can be able to be avoided. You can also do regular inspection yearly to ensure overall health.

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