Police vowed to prosecute the A-League pitch invaders as the FA promised to 'remove' them from the game

Victorian Police are reviewing footage of the pitch invasion during Saturday's Melbourne A-League Men's derby and promised officers will be "knocking on doors soon".

Three alleged assaults are being investigated - against City goalkeeper Thomas Glover, the referee and camera operator Channel Ten.

Insp Jason Goddard confirmed Sunday afternoon police would be pursuing possible charges against whoever invaded the grounds. "If we can identify them, you can rest assured we will investigate and we will prosecute where we can," he said.

When asked about Glover throwing a flare back into the crowd just before the invasion, the inspector said: "I'm not disappointed by anything at this stage in that regard" but added that detectives would be looking into all parts of the incident.

Goddard was on duty at the games as part of the 134 police contingent. He said the number was more than usual for the capacity at the MCG which is three times the size of AAMI Park. Police had been preparing for a possible field invasion, he said.

"There's been quite a bit of controversy lately... with regards to a decision made by the league," Goddard said, referring to the A-League's decision to award the grand final to Sydney. "We worked very, very hard ahead of this game, and we worked very hard ahead of this game."

A "horrified, upset and angry" James Johnson, Football Australia's chief executive, earlier vowed swift action to identify and sanction those responsible for the violence that wrecked the Melbourne derby, sending the game in Australia into chaos.

The FA is in contact with Victoria police, state and federal government and the Australian Professional League, after Victory fans invaded the pitch and caused play to be abandoned amid shocking scenes that left a player, match official and cameraman injured.

Victory will be issued with a notice of cause of event by the FA to explain the actions of their club's supporters as part of a three-line investigation into the incident.

"We will move quickly and we will take the strongest sanctions available," Johnson said on Sunday. “We are looking at three separate [lines of] investigation. The first is what happened to the game last night, what happened to the result. The second is a show cause letter from Melbourne Victory – which should be received as soon as possible but we will not be closing the door on show cause letters to the City at this time.

"The third focus of this investigation is the individual we wish to name, identify and sanction."

Johnson said the FA would seek to "remove" minor elements that "infiltrate our game and try to spoil it for the people who love it".

“This pitch invasion, and I want to be clear on that, has nothing to do with swells and improving our game,” said Johnson. “Parents taking their children to grassroots football in Brisbane, or sons playing in our league lanes in Perth, or 40 year old women playing amateur football in Sydney, or fans peacefully protesting in Central Coast. The Mariners, the Wellington game, the Newcastle game, all the other 2 million people across sport who love and support our game – it's not about them, nothing to do with the 2 million people who like and support our game, week in and week out."

Glover - the goalkeeper who required stitches to close the wound caused by the metal bucket hitting him on the head - will not be under the FA's direct investigation for his role in the incident. Glover threw a flare that landed on the field of play back into the stands containing active Victory supporters, apparently triggering a pitch invasion.

"Tommy is in the hospital and we are focused on his health," said Johnson.

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