7 Sites to Watch Chinese Dramas with Indo Sub for Free

Chinese dramas can be an alternative spectacle when you are bored with Korean dramas or serials from other countries. Because, China also has many interesting and quality shows, among which the most popular are Meteor Garden and A Love So Beautiful. So good, Meteor Garden and A Love So Beautiful stories have been reworked by other countries such as Korea and Thailand.

Well, to enjoy Chinese dramas, actually well-known watching services such as Netflix and Viu have presented some quality Chinese shows. However, not all have a complete collection of Chinese dramas. The following watching sites provide complete and latest Chinese dramas.

1. Asiancrush

Asiancrush is one of the sites that provides popular dramas from various Asian countries, including China. This site has a collection of dramas to Chinese films complete with Indonesian subtitles. To enjoy the show, this site can be accessed for free or paid.

Some of the Chinese dramas available on the Asiancrush website are Brightest Star in the Sky, Miss Unlovable, I Cannot Hug You, and many more.

2. DramaSerial

The DramaSerial site is said to be a paradise for Asian drama lovers. This is because this site provides dramas from Asia, including China, which can be enjoyed with Indonesian subtitles. DramaSerial also has fewer ads compared to other free watching sites.

The latest series of Chinese dramas that are present on the DramaSerial site include To Be A Brave One, Hello My Shining Love, The Story of Xing Fu, Dr. Tang, and many more.

3. KingDrakor

KingDrakor is not as the name suggests, this site does not only present shows from Korea, but also other countries for free.

The KingDrakor website even has a special channel to store a collection of Chinese dramas that can be watched with Indonesian subtitles.

Some of the latest Chinese dramas that air on the KingDrakor website are Love Like the Galaxy, Love the Way You Are, Love Behind the Melody, Small & Mighty, and many more.

4. Film Ambassador

DutaFilm has a complete collection of films and series originating from various countries, one of which is China. Through this site, Chinese dramas can be watched in HD quality and Indonesian subtitles for free.

The series of Chinese drama collections available at DutaFilm are Lost and Found, Rising Boas in Girls' School, Nice View, and many more.

5. This is my drama

IniDramaKu is also one of the sites for watching Asian shows with the most complete and updated collection of Chinese dramas.

This site also provides a download feature so you can save quota compared to watching Chinese dramas streaming.

The latest Chinese dramas that air on IniDramaKu are China Fall in Love, Love the Way You Are, A Robot in the Orange Orchard, The Romance of Hua Rong, and many more.

These dramas can be watched with Indonesian subtitles and for free.

6. WeTV

In addition to the sites above, the legal viewing service that provides a complete collection of Chinese dramas is WeTV.

WeTV is a streaming platform that has a collection of films to Asian dramas, such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, to China.

WeTV can be accessed for free or subscribed as a VIP member. VIP subscription fees start from IDR 15 thousand per month to IDR 159 per year.

Some of the Chinese dramas available on WeTV are Love Like the Galaxy, Soul Land, Hello My Shining Love, to Love Start from Marriage.

7. Rakuten Viki

Rakuten Viki or Viki provides a collection of plays from various countries in Asia, including China. Viki is accessible for free. However, if you want to watch all Viki shows and without the interruption of ads, users must subscribe for a fee of IDR 68,000 per month.

Some of the Chinese dramas that aired on Rakuten Viki are Heart Signal, Go Go Squid, You Are My Hero, to The Rebel Princess.

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