Look for 3 signs that your body is not fit to drive

“Driving for too long is sure to make the driver tired and exhausted. This can sometimes result in the driver being unable to see clearly, having a heavy head, or getting confused between stepping on the brakes or the gas.”

Two mandatory things that you must fulfill when driving are a good vehicle condition and excellent physical driver. This cannot be underestimated, because the safety of the passengers of the second vehicle depends on the physical and psychological conditions of the driver.

As a driver, you must know when is the right time to stop while driving. Especially if you've been behind the wheel for too long. Because, the risk of driving for too long can cause a driving accident. Read more about the signs your body isn't fit to drive here!

Signs your body is not fit to drive

If you've been driving for four hours non-stop, you should rest for half an hour or an hour to restore your energy and vitality. Then, what are the other signs that require you to stop driving?

1. Feel the Side Effects of Certain Drugs or Foods

Some medications can affect your ability to drive. Especially drugs that can cause drowsiness, such as cold medicine. In fact, vehicle restraint alone is also quite dangerous because it causes you to fall.

In addition, consuming cocktails or drinks containing alcohol is also very dangerous for drivers. Because alcohol will actually cause the effects of drugs.

However, most long-term drugs have a high risk. The reason is, people who drink it in the morning, will not realize that the effects of the drug are still there throughout the day. Do not be surprised, because some drugs do work for 8-10 hours. avoid, avoid consuming alcohol as long as the effects of the drug are still working.

2. Impaired Vision

The danger of driving for too long can also cause your vision problems, you know. clear, making eyes tired and decreased concentration. In addition, there are also some diseases that can cause you problems, such as glaucoma. A study in Japan showed people with glaucoma involved in car accidents with twice as many people as people with normal vision.

Glaucoma affects the sufferer's vision in an unusual way. Because this disease affects a person to look around him, staring in the middle. Well, this is what makes the sufferer unable to detect the presence of the car on the side that is trying to overtake. do not believe?

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), research in Japan states that people with glaucoma are more likely to be involved in accidents when a car or a person suddenly appears at the driver's side.

3. Extremely sleepy

This is the most common cause of traffic accidents. According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every year nearly 100,000 traffic accidents by driving under conditions. Well, if you feel sleepy, immediately stop driving to rest. Here are the signs you should pay attention to:

  • Imagining other things or like dreaming during the day.
  • Driving the car irregularly.
  • Frequent blinking for long periods of time.
  • The head of the terrace is heavy.
  • It's hard to keep your eyes open and stay focused.

In addition to these signs, according to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, you should also be aware of the following signs that you may feel when driving:

  • start to move your foot between the gas and brake pedals or start to get confused between the two.
  • Drivers usually start drifting off the track.
  • Often slamming stir.
  • Have visual disturbances.
  • Anxiety driving at night.
  • Frequently receive traffic sign warnings or accidents.
  • Complaints of speed problems or changes in direction from other drivers.

Driving too long is sure to make you tired and exhausted. Well, that combination makes you slow to react behind the wheel, so it can be fatal.

If you are on a long journey, try to take at least 10 minutes of rest every two hours. The most effective treatment at this time is sleep. Not caffeinated drinks or energy boosters.

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