Instagram Secretly Prepares New Product Tag Features

Instagram users have a new feature, namely product tags. This feature is already present for creators or business accounts, but it seems that this feature is being extended, and not only to posting photos in feeds but also to video Stories to Reels. Instagram is expanding this feature, which has been around since 2016, apparently to make it easier for users to identify the products displayed. For users who want to try this feature, you must first mark the brand of the item.

After creating the post and making the necessary customizations, tag the brand using the 'Tag People' option. Then, a 'product tag' option will appear after which you can tap on the product in the image and select a product from the list of brand items. Then later other users can tap on the product and buy it via a link or directly from the app. Meanwhile, business accounts can also view their products, which are tagged by users or consumers on Instagram.

And it can also be set, whether the tag appears 'tagged tab', then for business accounts you can also disable the tag so it doesn't appear on their profile. And before this feature was widely distributed to all users, the United States market seemed to be the first country to try this feature. And Instagram in its statement, said that the target in the next few months this feature will be rolled out to all users.

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