The Russian Military aggression to Make Spartak Moscow kicked out of the Europa League

Giants Russia, Spartak Moscow, excluded from the competition the Europa League. This decision was taken UEFA and FIFA as a result of the military aggression of Russia against Ukraine.

Although disappointed, Spartak admitted predict things like this would happen. They hope football can build unity although it will accept the decision with a heavy heart and full focus to domestic competitions.

 "UEFA and FIFA decided to get us out of the Europa League. It means the round of 16 of our face RB Leipzig won't be held," reads the official statement Spartak.

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"This decision is the impact of the position of the organization on the events that just happened in the Ukraine. This decision had been anticipated, but, nevertheless, we are disappointed," the statement continued.

 "Unfortunately, the business club we do in the Europa League dinihilkan for reasons that are far from the realm of sports," said the statement.

 "Spartak have millions of fans not only in Russia, but also around the world. Success and failure we bring a lot of people from different countries closer," said the statement.

 "We believe that sport, even in a difficult time, should seek to build bridges, instead of burning them. We are forced to follow the decision that we don't approve," said the statement.

 "For now, we will focus on domestic competitions, and we hope that peace can be achieved in accordance with the wishes of all the people," said the statement.

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