5 Ways To Disguise The Black Eye Bags Without Skincare

Despite the black eye bags is not a dangerous condition, many people are looking for ways to eliminate or disguise it. Some people feel the black eye bags make the appearance of the face look tired and older. So they look for ways to eliminate dark eye bags.

Drink plenty of water and do a cold compress can reduce the appearance of dark eye bags quickly. However, the only way to remove eye pouch, black in the long term is to change lifestyle. 

So, how to eliminate dark eye bags? Here are some skin care that can be done:

Enough sleep

Some people have dark eye bags when the lack of sleep and not quality. Lack of sleep can aggravate the black eye bags. Rest and health of the body in general needs to be maintained well to reduce the appearance of dark eye bags.

Exalt the Position of the Head during Sleep

Sac a black eye can occur due to the increase of the blood vessels around the eyes. By elevating the head during sleep, the blood will flow away from the head and face. Besides, it also can reduce swelling and dark color under the eyes. 

Cold Compress

How to eliminate dark eye bags are also able to put some cold water. A cold compress can narrow the blood vessels around the eyes, reducing the appearance of eye bags on the surface of the skin. A compress can also reduce the swelling around the eyes and reduce dark colors.

Minimize Exposure To The Sun

Please be aware, ultraviolet radiation can aggravate the black eye bags in a few people. Protection with sunglasses, moisturizer with sunscreen, and a hat can protect your skin from the sun and prevent the worsening of the black eye bags. 

Cucumber slices and Tea Bags

Maybe this is the way of the most classic and the mechanism of its effect is not known. However, the cold temperature of the cucumber slices proven to reduce the appearance of eye bags. 

Tea bags are allowed to cool in the fridge can also reduce the appearance of dark eye bags. How to put cold tea bags over the eyes. The effect is the same with the cucumber slices. However, both of these methods have not been studied in the research, so that the effect could be different for each person.

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