Review of the 10+ Recommendations Modem MiFi 4G Best (Latest 2022)

At present the internet is a mandatory thing is almost for everyone. Plus, the current state of almost all the activities done with the internet. Start of work, school, shopping cashless all require the internet. The Internet can now be obtained through the packet data and wifi.

Both have advantages and disadvantages respectively. However, on the use of for a lot of people it is advisable to use wifi just by using the package of your mobile operator. All of the mobile operator provides a wide selection of internet packages cheap which is not inferior to wired subscription. You only live using mifi and sharing the internet with Your family. This is due to more efficient if compared to having to buy a data package each and every person.

Talking about wireless, there's a bit of wifi users feel the loss because they have to buy a data package to be used outside the house. You know, this is the type of wireless for those of You who use a wireless with a router that can not be moved.

While it's been available wifi devices with the router portable that You can take anywhere. So You no longer need to buy the package can be when you want to get out of the house. The name of that device is a modem MiFi that for the moment there are already modem MiFi 4G LTE. What's the wifi modem? Check out the reviews here.

What is it the Modem MiFi?

MiFi or commonly referred to as the modem MiFi stands for my wifi or can also diesebut with mini wireless. If You usually see wireless with a router that hung on the wall of your office or home.

This time You will know that there is one wifi routers are portable and can be taken anywhere and is also equipped with battery. So the system usage is the same with the use of mobile phones. You need to charge to be used. The shape of that body is of course much smaller if compared with the wifi router usually. That's why this product also commonly referred to as wifi hotspot or wifi tethering.

Get to know the Functionality and Usability Modem WiFi (MiFi)

If you already know what it is MiFi, You also need to know what function this one thing. Here's his review.

1. As an intermediary network

One of the main functions of the MiFi is as an intermediary network. MiFi can emit the internet network to various devices such as smartphones. Laptop, tablet, or computer in a number that is the maximum ability of the MiFi such. So, with 1 MiFi You can use it to all Your devices.

You no longer need to set the network internet to a laptop, tablet or Your computer. And of course, You can bring peroduk this anywhere. If at any time You want to surf in the virtual world in other places, You can still use the MiFi You.

2. Check the status of the package from the provider

You certainly already know that the use of the MiFi also use 1 card provider. There MiFi which can only be used for 1 type of card provider course, You also MiFi that can accommodate card provider anything. The point is, You have to have a card that provider so You can use the MiFi's.

By doing so, the MiFi is also equipped with a function that can see the status of the package data card provider who we use. In other words, the MiFi can check how much quota internet You use and also how many are left. So, You can prepare the package can or could save if You view Your usage extravagant.

3. Send and receive messages

Because there are card providers, most of the MiFi is also equipped with the ability to receive messages (SMS). The trick is to connect the modem to a device such as a laptop or computer first. This SMS can be either notivikasi from the card provider. With the notification, You can find out the validity period of the card that You use on modem WiFi. Or it could also notifications remaining quota remaining and reminds You to refill. This will certainly be very helpful to You when using the MiFi such.

4. Change the connection name and password

In addition to those already mentioned, the MiFi is also equipped with a function to change the WiFi name and password. Not infrequently password often in the breach or already widespread. Sometimes we do not know the device anyone who is already connected to the MiFi such. One of the actions that You can do is to change the password of the WiFi. Not only that, You can also change the name of the WiFi. With modem WiFi, You can do it . Very cool, isn't it?

Differences WiFi and MiFi

Still confused with the product modem MiFi? Then what is the difference with the wireless? Yuk, let's discuss thoroughly.

1. Device

The first, wifi and MiFi is distinguished from the type of the device. Modem MiFi is equipped with a portable battery which is able to provide the same abilities as wireless. While wifi is a wireless network that can be utilized to the internet network.

2. Network

The second, wifi and MiFi is distinguished from the resulting network. Wifi is limited to the router while the modem MiFi able to take the mobile data from the data provider.

3. Components

The third, the second device is distinguished by its components. The wifi Modem to ensure the router device that is able to generate connectivity while the modem MiFi is a combination of modem and also the router wireless.

How to Choose a Modem MiFi 4G which is Nice

If you've previously discussed what it is modem MiFi, now it's time You were given tips on how to choose a modem MiFi 4G Best. Any tips? Here's his review.

1. Note sales package

The first is to note the sales package. Meaning is a device MiFi could be sold only modem MiFi its course. But there is also already sold bundling with operators mobile. For modem MiFi bundling operators are usually sold in conjunction with internet packages from a particular carrier.

So You don't need to buy the sim card again. While for the non-bundling, You are free to choose the sim card of the operator of anything. Not in the lock on the 1 type of sim card only.

2. Check the speed of network

The second check the speed of the new update. You can find the products modem MiFi best with the network speed to 150mbps, 300Mbps, even up to 500 Mbps. But in fact, when used, the speed with which You receive is not as big as it is.

It is certainly very influenced also by the network operator You use. To find out, there are at least find out how much the maximum speed of the modem MiFi that You use.

3. Note the capacity of the battery

Because it is equipped with the battery, You should pay attention to the capacity of the battery MiFi such. Select a larger capacity battery so that the modem MiFi that can be used are durable without having to be charged constantly.

In addition, You are also advised to pay attention to the features of the bypass of the MiFi such. Feature bypass this is to use a mifi with a removable battery while in the charger. This feature is very suitable to be used when you are at home.

4. Note the maximum number of users

Well, talking about wifi and MiFi, we should certainly pay attention to the maximum number of devices that can be connected. It is aimed so that we know to whom we can share the network MiFi such. Because if you have to share to many people, You should also pay attention to the maximum number.

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