This Treatment Option to Overcome Measles in Toddlers

Measles is a disease condition caused by a virus and often experienced by toddlers. So far there is no specific medical treatment for measles. Toddlers who are sick should drink plenty of fluids, plenty of rest, and stay home and stay away from places that can trigger the spread of infection to others.

Please be aware of measles infection can last for several weeks. The symptoms usually begin to appear 7-14 days after toddlers exposed to the virus. More information about treatment options to address the measles in toddlers can be answered here!

Vaccination and Vitamin A

As mentioned previously, there is no specific treatment for measles infection. However, some actions can be performed for toddlers who are exposed to measles. The following is the recommended treatment:

1. Vaccination After Exposure

People who are not immunized, including infants, can be given the measles vaccination 72 hours after exposure to the measles virus to provide protection against the disease. If measles is still evolving, this disease usually have milder symptoms and lasts for a shorter period of time.

2. Serum Globulin Immune

Toddler with immune systems are weak are exposed to the virus can receive the injectable protein (antibody) called serum globulin immune. When given within six days after exposure to the virus, these antibodies can prevent measles or make the symptoms are not too severe.

3. Medication

Fever-lowering drugs such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or naproxen sodium can help relieve a fever that accompanies measles. Even so, avoid giving aspirin to a toddler. 

Though aspirin is approved for use in children above 3 years of age, children and teenagers recovering from chickenpox or flu-like symptoms should not be taking aspirin. This is because aspirin has been associated with Reye's syndrome, a condition that is rare but potentially bad in toddlers.

4. Antibiotics

If a bacterial infection, such as pneumonia or ear infections, growing when toddlers infected with measles, the doctor will probably prescribe antibiotics.

5. Vitamin A

Children with high levels of vitamin A which is low are more likely to experience measles cases more severe. Administration of vitamin A can reduce the severity of measles. Generally the dose administered is 200,000 (IU) for children over 1 year.

Complications of Measles and the Right Time to see a Doctor

Please be aware, toddlers are most at risk of experiencing serious complications from measles. Some of the conditions that have to watch out for include pneumonia, brain swelling, seizures, diarrhea, ear infections, and hearing loss due to damage to the brain. 

One to two of every 1,000 children die each year because of the measles. Please do visit the doctor if the child has a high fever, abnormal behavior, lethargy, shortness of breath or rapid breathing, headache, seizures, or vision problems or hearing.

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