Take Care Of Your Health, Here Are 6 Food Anti Cancer

Eating healthy foods became one of the habits that need to be done to avoid the body from various health disorders. Not only optimizes the body's immune system, eating healthy foods can also prevent and reduce the risk of cancer. 

In addition to bad habits, cancer can also develop due to a diet that is less precise. Therefore, it is important to know the different types of food that can help you to reduce the growth of cancer cells in the body. Let's consider the different types of food anti cancer in this article!

Food Anti Cancer that Can be Consumed

Recommendations to increase intake of fruit and vegetables it is not only for the younger age groups. These recommendations need to be applied by all the age groups to keep the body from various diseases. Eating different types of fruits and vegetables can help you lower the risk of having diabetes, heart disease, to cancer.

Here are a few types of food are known as food anti cancer, namely:

1. Garlic

Garlic is known as a spice in the kitchen can produce the aroma and taste of the food to be more delicious. However, some people do not like garlic because garlic aroma that is very sharp.

However, did you know? The sulfur compounds in garlic that causes the sharp smell capable of stopping the formation of substances that trigger the cancer cells, accelerate the repair of DNA, to kill cancer cells in the body.

2. Tomatoes

The tomatoes into one type of food anti cancer. The content of lycopene in tomatoes able to lower your risk and prevent cancer, especially prostate cancer.

Not necessarily the tomato is still fresh, you can also get the benefits of lycopene when eating tomatoes that have been processed. For example, consuming tomato juice or tomato soup.

3. Nuts

In addition to fruits and vegetables, you can also consume various types of nuts to prevent cancer. Beans are known as foods with a high fiber content. This helps you to maintain digestive health and reduce the disease of colon cancer.

4. Strawberries

Who the hell doesn't like strawberries? Fruit with a red color it has a high water content as well as the taste of sweet and sour. Strawberries are considered as food anti cancer because it contains antioxidant, which is quite high.

Strawberries have vitamin C and ellagic acid (phytochemicals) that became the content of anti-cancer. Strawberries also contain flavonoids, which suppress the function of destructive enzymes DNA associated with lung cancer.

5. Carrots

Who the hell doesn't like vegetable carrot? In addition to nourishing, carrot is one of the food anti cancer. The content of beta carotene that is included in antioxidants can protect the cell membranes from damage that can trigger cancer cells. The content is also considered helpful in slowing down the growth and development of cancer cells in the body.

6. Spinach

Not only to maintain the health of the eyes, the content of lutein in spinach can help prevent the appearance of cancer cells in the body. Lutein become one of the content that can prevent exposure to free radicals that trigger cell damage in the body. 

That's the different types of food anti cancer are easily found and can be consumed to meet the needs of vitamins and minerals in the body. In addition to preventing cancer, these foods can also help you to keep the health of the body in optimal condition.

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