4 the Procedure of Therapy of Lung Cancer that Needs to be Known

Lung cancer is a type of cancer that attacks the lungs. Lung cancer is becoming one of the diseases that increase the mortality of the biggest. 

This disease is a high risk experienced by groups of people who have the habit of smoking. For that, get to know the variety of symptoms and therapeutic procedures that can be used for the treatment of lung cancer.

Get To Know More About Lung Cancer

Lung cancer became one of the diseases with the development of symptoms is quite slow. Usually, people with lung cancer will not experience obvious symptoms early in the disease develops.

When lung cancer is severe enough, there are some symptoms that would usually be experienced. For example, a cough that does not improve, coughing up blood, breath became shorter, chest pain, weight loss for no apparent reason, bone pain, to headaches.

The main cause of lung cancer is the habit of smoking. The content of chemicals in cigarettes can cause damage to the cells lining the lungs. Cigarette use cause long-term changes in abnormal cells, so that the trigger lung cancer.

In addition to the habit of smoking, there are several other factors that can trigger the disease of lung cancer, such as:

Exposure to air pollution continuously.

A work environment that triggers the exposure to harmful chemicals.

A family history of lung cancer.

The Procedure Of Therapy Of Lung Cancer

The treatment of lung cancer will be adjusted to the conditions and severity. There are several treatments that can be performed by people with lung cancer, ranging from surgery and various therapy that can be run.

The following is the procedure of therapy of lung cancer that can be done by people with lung cancer, namely:

1. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is conducted in lung cancer end stage. Usually, chemotherapy will be done after people with lung cancer undergoing surgery. Chemotherapy is performed to remove remaining cancer cells that may still be remaining.

This therapy uses anti cancer (cytotoxic) to destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy drugs will be given through the blood vessels in the arm or taken in capsule form. Usually, a combination of chemotherapy drugs will be given during the treatment in a few weeks time.

2. Guided radiotherapy

Guided radiotherapy or radiation therapy is a cancer treatment with the use of X-ray beam that is used to remove remaining cancer cells. Similar to chemotherapy, guided radiotherapy can also be done after people with lung cancer surgery.

In people with lung cancer that has spread to other parts of the body, perform guided radiotherapy can help people with lung cancer to reduce pain or discomfort that is felt.

3. Targeted Therapy

The treatment is performed with the use of drugs that attack the proteins from the growth of cancer cells. Usually, the targeted therapy is performed if the range of previous treatment, such as surgery and radiotherapy, have not shown optimal results. 

4. Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy is a treatment that is done by increasing the body's immune people to attack cancer cells in the body. When you have cancer, immune system might be attacking healthy cells, because cancer cells produce a protein that helps cancer cells hidden.

Administration of immunotherapy was conducted with the objective to interfere with a protein that shut down cancer cells. Immunotherapy is also often done by people with lung cancer who have entered the level of quite severe.

Then the procedure of therapy of lung cancer that can be done in accordance with the conditions of his illness. You can ask your doctor about the treatment that needs to be done to address the health problems that you experience.

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