Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore Has Recorded Service Quality 5G ‘OK’ Globally

South Korea re-occupy the top of the world to the speed of the download the average 5G score 423,8 Mbps. Norway are now in the second order with keceparan download 355,3 Mbps and Taiwan dropped to third with a record of the download speed of 320 Mbps.

Then Norway rose to the first rank in the upload speed 5G with users experiencing an average speed of the 41.9 Mbps, in front of Taiwan who were in the second position.

While South Korea is occupied many positions in the category of 5G globally, for the affairs of the upload speed 5G based on the records of the report of Opensignal, the country the K-popers are in the order of the ninth.

And not only that South Korea is also superior in game experience mobile 5G multiplayer and communication using the voice app. South Korea has the highest score for a game experience 5G by 91,2 on a scale of 100 points, and also has the highest score for the experience of sound application of 5G that is equal to 84,6.

Note interestingly, of the five market is the largest European French, German, Italian, Spanish, and English, only German who are in the 15 top spots in one of these categories. Germany is ranked the 9th to the Game Experience 5G.

Then Singapore successfully gone into third place over the Game experience 5G, to-12 to experience the sound application of 5G and the 14th in the Video Experience 5G.

This is an achievement which is very impressive given the challenges of the spectrum of 5G and the limited availability of capacity spectrum 5G new enough withy the pace of the development of the 5G network in neighboring Indonesia.

Then that is also not less interesting, the Philippines has the largest increase in the download speed by an average of 9.8 times faster than 4G. Similarly, an increase to stream mobile video with a score of Video Experience 5G which is 34% higher than using 4G.

And Thailand is ranked the fourth to increase the speed of your downloads (7.5 times faster on 5G) and the third for video streaming (25% better with 5G).

Even some market 5G the fastest seen a large increase in 5G. South Koreans enjoy the download speed of 5G average of 6.3 times faster than 4G, the user Taiwan has a speed of 8.9 times faster, users UAE 7.4 and Sweden has a jump of 7.1-fold.

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