Google Will Remove the Ads that Promote Conspiracy Theories Corona Virus

Google will ban the serving of ads that promote conspiracy theories corona virus, and remove ad impressions on a website that promotes conspiracy theories related to this started August 18, 2020. Alerts you to The Verge (18/7/2020) a Google spokesman has confirmed that this new policy will also apply on the website-a website that contains information not in accordance with the "scientific consensus". A similar policy has been applied Google on a website that displays health information false.

However, this policy will not apply to websites that do your search to the fact or to report the existence of such theories. In addition, this policy also does not apply to a website that displays information about the conspiracy theories on the outside of the corona virus. "We are implementing additional protection, with the expanding of policies related to health information that is contrary to the scientific consensus," the spokesman said.

Control the circulation of information during the pandemic

Google and web platforms other great middle of the fight with the circulation of information that is constantly changing during the pandemic corona virus causes Covid-19. The company was never enacted prohibition for information related to the corona virus issued by non-governmental agencies in March.

Google also impose demonetisasi or revocation of the income from advertising on YouTube videos that discuss about the pandemic, especially on sensitive topics. They also had time to prohibit the advertising of the sale of face masks, a similar policy adopted Facebook, because of the scarcity of supplies in the early days of the pandemic. It is not clear how much of the content that is currently breaking the new rules of Google and whether the site that contains the content that will be affected demonetisasi this.

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