Shipped Next Year, the Price of Avanza Veloz Gonna Change?

The latest generation of the Toyota Avanza Veloz which was introduced on 10 July 2021 and then got a positive response from the devotees. Even in the record of sale, request, and the vehicle has now jumped to 2x compared to the same period last month, which 12.214 unit. While the production capacity of the car has not undergone any changes. This condition necessarily make Avanza Veloz new inden for one to two months from the time of ordering. Remember in the next year there was an adjustment of local taxes how about the price?

In response, the Marketing Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) Anton Jimmi Suwandy not deny that to the unit until next year, the price will be different. "Therefore, there are some conditions adjustment. The first course of the tax area. And then also about incentives sales tax if it still persists, customizable (50 percent or 25 percent), or even not at all,"

Even though the granting of incentive sales tax on luxury Goods is no longer 100 percent as of this year, Anton hoped the government will still provide relief in an effort to encourage the purchasing power of the community.

Because, the potential occurrence of a market shock in the domestic market is large enough formed if there lonjakkan significant on the side of the vehicle price, although it will not return to the level of the beginning of the pandemic Covid-19 first. "Communication (about the incentives sales tax) continue to walk through the Association to the Government of INDONESIA. But certainly, the support of such incentives is very positive, both to the industry, the economy, to consumers," said Anton. "Our expectations, sales tax on luxury Goods is extended by the same amount i.e., 100 percent," he added.

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