Note, This is How to Care for a Motor Injection in order to Remain Prima

Current motorcycle with fuel injection technology has been widely circulated in Indonesia, even for the motor production of the new everything is already using the technology of injection. Because, injection technology is considered more fuel efficient and have the ease in care. Although it is considered more easy, care should still be done by the owner of the motor vehicle so that the engine performance is also optimal. 

Dwi Suwanto, Instructor Service PT Surya Timur Sakti Jatim Yamaha area Surabaya, explain, there are some things that can be done to care for the injection system of the motorcycle.

"First, use the fuel in accordance with the specifications of the motor. Keep gasoline in the tank of the motor do not often empty,"

If the fuel tank is often empty and contains air, Dwi says, there will be a steam of water that will mix with gasoline. This resulted in the injection system on the motorcycle is quickly broken. If too much water is being sucked by the fuel pump, motorcycle engine will be sluggish and will cause the engine can directly strike. The reason, which sucked by the fuel pump not gasoline, but rather water. "Moreover, the motor that the tank is empty, often exposed to heat caused the temperature of the sun,"

Furthermore, to maintain and care for the fuel pump injector is always clean and working optimally, recommend to do servicing of injection regularly at authorized dealers.

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