Xiaomi 12 Suspected Glides On 12 December

Xiaomi 12 strongly suspected to be gliding on 12 December, thus proclaimed a number of Chinese media are reporting from the GSM Arena this week.

It is rumored that the launch date of Xiaomi's 12 already defined, but has not yet been announced officially to the public. The selected date is the date of gorgeous, December 12, 2021 or 12/12/21.

Reportedly Xiaomi 12 will slide pad 16 December. But because of the consideration of the beautiful date, then the time of the launch brought forward to 12, even if that date falls on a Sunday.

In addition, Xiaomi also aims to be the first brand that will use the latest processor Qualcomm. The Chipset will be named Snapdragon 8 Gen1 that will be introduced on November 30 next week.

So far Xiaomi and Motorola in the aim to become the brand's first processor to the top of the.

Another Rumor states that on December 12, Xiaomi 12 will be launched together with Xiaomi 12X. While Xiaomi 12 Ultra estimated glide in 2022.

Xiaomi 12 is said to be using a screen curved, with hole front camera located in the top center. The screen has a refresh rate of 120 Hz, it has double speakers, and three rear cameras. The main camera will be a resolution of 50 MP.

Allegedly, Xiaomi 12 will use MIUI 13, the display interface will most likely be launched in conjunction with the launch of the device.

It is important to note, all the rumors about Xiaomi 12 above have not obtained an official response from Xiaomi itself.

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