Lucid's first Canadian shop, a 1,000-hp Chevy crate engine, and more in this week's news roundup.

On Saturday, October 16, luxury electric vehicle maker Lucid inaugurated its first Canadian store – or "studio" – in downtown Vancouver, B.C. The California-based company, which now has nine physical facilities in the United States, used the opportunity to reveal Canadian pricing for its first vehicle, the Lucid Air.

Prices for the Pure sedan, which has 480 horsepower and a range of 653 kilometres, start at $105,000 and go up to $229,000 for the top-tier Dream Edition Range and Dream Edition Performance. For additional information on all four Lucid Air possibilities, see this storey. In 2022, a second store is expected to open in Toronto.

When the Halton Police Department advised Twitter to "#CheckYourBalls" earlier this week, it wasn't giving a health warning to men. It was, in fact, merely an attempt to draw public attention to a vital aspect of road safety: secure trailer attachment. Was it successful? It did, in fact. A truck and trailer were stopped by police for a suspiciously weak hitch, according to the Tweet. The officer states in the video, "The trailer ball seemed like it was moving as it was driving down the road, and sure enough, it was." "The trailer ball was all over the place..."

Take a look at Chevy's new 1,000-hp crate engine.

This week, Chevrolet delivered a pleasant pre-SEMA surprise. The ZZ632 crate engine is a 10.35L big-block V8 engine that produces 1,000 horsepower on regular petrol. You can see the power curve here to see where and when the twist occurs, but according to Coles Notes, this is the brand's largest and most powerful crate bundle ever. There's no turbo here; just 632 cubic inches of American muscle. Look for it at SEMA in Las Vegas this November (and listen for it).

According to Wards Auto, these ten automobiles had the nicest interiors of the year.

One of the best annual barometers for interior vehicle design is Wards Auto's Top 10 Interiors. To determine which vehicles have the most premium interiors, its experts score automobiles in a range of criteria such as materials, comfort, aesthetics, and control user-friendliness.

It's not just high-end manufacturers, either, with cars like the Honda Civic, Ford F-150, and Hyundai Tucson joining the Bentley Bentayga and Mercedes-Benz S Class on the list. Take a look at the photographs in the link above to get a sense of what "the finest" in 2021 will look like.

In B.C., an alternative-fuel factory that absorbs carbon from the air will be developed.

A collection of Canadian technology businesses has teamed up with a First Nation in the interior of British Columbia and the provincial government to develop plans for a modern facility that would utilise carbon in the air to make a hydrocarbon fuel to replace petroleum in combustion vehicles.

Essentially, Huron Clean Energy is able to capture atmospheric carbon dioxide and combine it with hydrogen to create a viable automotive fuel that can power most conventional gas engines while emitting up to 90% fewer pollution. The plant will be built near Merritt, B.C., in the Upper Nicola Band territory, and will be funded with $2 million from the provincial Innovative Clean Energy fund.

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