Tips for Fuel Efficient Motorcycles When Sunmori

Motorcycles today are not only limited to supporting daily mobility. This two-wheeled mount is also a means of channeling the owner's hobby.

This is evidenced by the proliferation of long-distance touring activities or riding on weekends which is often called Sunmori aka Sunday morning riding.

With the various activities carried out, the fuel factor (BBM) is of particular concern.

Before doing various activities, here are tips from Yamaha Indonesia so that the motorbike remains fuel efficient. Make sure the condition of the motorbike is prime The excellent condition of the motorbike is one of the important factors in supporting the driving efficiency. Before driving make sure the motor is in good condition. Check tire pressure under normal conditions.

Because if the tire lacks air, the motor pull becomes heavy and this makes gasoline consumption more wasteful. Not only that, regular maintenance such as changing oil and cleaning the air filter also needs to be done to maintain optimal motor traction so that fuel consumption is not wasteful. Good Riding

In addition to the excellent condition of the motorbike, another thing that needs to be considered in maintaining the fuel economy is how to drive. The more aggressive the rider's driving style with the gas opening and the irregular operation of the brakes, the more gasoline the motorcycle will waste.

Therefore, it is necessary to drive a smooth way in terms of motor operation, such as opening the throttle slowly and keeping the speed constant as long as possible.

Then do not brake suddenly (except for emergency) so that the supply of gasoline flowing into the combustion chamber becomes more measurable and economical.

Take advantage of the features on the motorbike

On modern motorcycles, riders can take advantage of features such as the Stop & Start System (SSS) to reduce unnecessary fuel consumption when the motor is stopped.

The presence of an Eco Riding indicator on the speedometer is a sign that the driver is operating the motorcycle in a fuel efficient condition.

Carrying Goods According to Capacity

Another thing that needs to be considered to maintain fuel economy is not to carry goods that exceed the carrying capacity of the motor.

Usually when going touring, motorbikes are often fitted with touring boxes on the right, left and rear sides of the motorbike body to put goods without regard to the motor's carrying capacity which leads to overload.

Due to the overload condition, in addition to making the engine performance heavy which results in wasting gasoline, this condition is also dangerous for the driver because it can eliminate the balance of the motorbike, especially when maneuvering.

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