Honda Plans to Add Safety Features to Reduce Fatal Events

Safety features are still one of the focuses of car manufacturers in reducing the number of deaths during accidents.

The Japanese automaker Honda recently targeted zero deaths by 2050.

To achieve this goal, the company promises to gradually add more safety features to the cars and motorcycles they manufacture.

In a company statement, Honda will adopt the world's first artificial intelligence (AI) intelligent driver assistance technology.

 "This technology connects all road users, both people and mobility products, through telecommunications, making it possible to predict the potential risk of accidents that cause death," Honda said as quoted by Autoevolution.

Not only that, Honda even hinted at expanding the application of the motorcycle detection function and further enhancing the existing ADAS technology.

For information, Honda is not the only car maker that has expressed a commitment to reducing the number of deaths due to accidents.

Previously, Volvo has also stated the same thing for their products. Even the company says it will have zero deaths by 2020.

Driver vigilance and orderly traffic remain key factors supporting safety while driving.

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