Spotify Develops TikTok-like Features

Spotify is reportedly developing a TikTok-like feature in its service. The new feature is a short video in vertical format, complete with music.

This new feature is called Discover, as proclaimed by GSM Arena Friday (11/26/2021). For now, Discover is still in testing status and it is not known whether it will be launched or not.

From the looks of it, the Discover feature on Spotify is closely related to Canvas. The latter is an old feature that musicians can use to replace animations on Spotify with short videos.

Currently, the videos that appear in Discover are taken from Canvas. The difference is, in Discover the videos are displayed in a vertical format instead of horizontally.

Just like on TikTok, Discover users on Spotify can replace videos or clips by swiping or sliding content vertically.

So far, Spotify has not provided an explanation about the future of the Discover feature. The company only explained that they are currently still in the testing phase.

Spotify itself is known as a company that does not hesitate to take inspiration from other services. Previously, this digital music platform had created a feature similar to Stories and created a service similar to a Clubhouse with the name Greenroom.

But this plagiarism practice is not only done by Spotify. Social media giants like Facebook also don't hesitate to copy Tiktok's innovations. The same method is also commonly used by other services such as Youtube and Twitter.

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