Honda Builds Electric Vehicle Battery Factory in Thailand

Honda is considering building a battery factory in Thailand that will supply some of the electric cars it manufactures and sells in the country, the Bangkok Post reported this week.

It is reported that Honda is conducting a feasibility study regarding the idea of ​​building a battery factory in the White Elephant country. The Japanese company hopes to cut the cost of importing batteries from Japan by producing domestic batteries.

The import of batteries has made the price of electric and hybrid cars in Thailand very expensive. Honda currently sells four hybrid car models in Thailand, namely the Honda City, City Hatchback, Honda Accord and the recently launched second-generation HR-V.

President and executive director of Honda Automobile Thailand, Noriyuki Takakura, said the company is committed to developing new technologies that are more environmentally friendly.

"We are aware that the global car market is moving towards electric cars, so we continue to invest in new technologies to keep up with the trends," he explained.

Honda Motor Co in Japan itself has ambitions to increase electric vehicles and fuel cell technology to 100 percent of total sales by 2040.

In Thailand, Honda will still focus on the hybrid car market and battery-powered electric cars, just like in Indonesia.

Honda itself does not have many pure battery-based electric cars. In fact, currently only the Honda e actually uses batteries as a power source. Honda e itself has only been sold in Japan and Europe.

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