Melbourne's win was hammered with Australian Football's first penalty after a derby pitch invasion

Melbourne Victory have been awarded an early penalty but are yet to feel the full ire of Football Australia over the ugly scenes that led to last weekend's Melbourne derby being abandoned.

As a result of the violence at Aami Park on Saturday night, tickets for the A-League Men Victory game will not go on sale until January 15 and only valid club members will be allowed to attend home games. The active support room for Victory and away fans will be closed while the event cause process is fully worked out, the FA said in a statement on Friday.

The active supporter room for Victory's upcoming away game will also be closed and only members of the home team will be allowed to enter the venue. The potential for any point deductions or fines has yet to be announced but in announcing the initial sanctions the FA said it hoped to give stakeholders short-term confidence in the game. A decision on the outcome of the match has not yet been made. City were leading 1-0 when the game was called off in the 22nd minute last week.

“While we continue our very thorough investigation following the inexcusable scenes witnessed in the Melbourne derby, Football Australia has issued Melbourne Victory with a string of stringent sanctions that need to be implemented to allow their participation in the A-League Men's and A-League Men's competitions. The Women's League competition until the final showing led to decisions being made," said the FA's chief executive, James Johnson.

“This sanction goes into effect immediately starting with the A-League Men Melbourne Victory game on Boxing Day away to Western United, and follows the sanctions issued against individuals earlier this week as part of a sanctions package in response to incidents witnessed in Melbourne. last weekend's derby.

"These steps are an important step for Football Australia, as it takes into account any further sporting and financial sanctions that may apply to Melbourne Victory in the process of determining show cause."

Victory's managing director, Caroline Carnegie, said Friday: "I know it's tough, it's not what we want. We want our members and fans in the stadium. But first and foremost we want everyone to feel safe going to football games and we understand sanctions are part of the healing process to get there.

The violent scene at Aami Park sent an estimated 150 spectators onto the pitch and resulted in injuries to City goalkeeper Thomas Glover, match official Alex King, a camera operator and two security guards.

Glover sustained injuries to his face after a metal bucket was thrown at him, while police estimated $150,000 worth of damage was done to the stadium after around 80 flares or fireworks were set off.

The FA has promised swift action and as of Thursday, 10 people who entered the field were issued with suspensions. The two most seriously suspected perpetrators were given life bans from attending or participating in football.

Victoria Police announced on Friday that 29 people had been arrested as part of Operation Astute with 24 people being charged. Police have identified a total of 36 people from the incident as they continue their investigation. The FA went well with the sanction. It was said earlier this week it did not want to cripple the club over the actions of a small group of supporters but also could not send a weak message over pitch invasion.

“Australian football has not wanted to punish football fans over the years; however, our priority is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of everyone within the venue on match day and that unacceptable spectator behavior is not repeated at any football game or event,” said Johnson. "We believe these steps will achieve this."

The FA confirmed on Friday it was reviewing the behavior of some City fans and in the meantime directed the club to close their active home and away teams until advised otherwise.

The sanctions came on the same day that five upcoming A-League matches were postponed or given a postponed kick-off to avoid the extreme heat in Adelaide and Melbourne.

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