There are 592,000 applications removed by Google and Apple because they are Abandonware

The App store (Apple) and Playstore (Google) collectively officially removed 592,000 applications because of the Abandonware element. Keep in mind, Abandonware is the name for apps that have been neglected by their creators, and haven't received any updates for a long time. Apple's App Store claims to be a safe and tightly controlled place for Users, there are still Abandonware applications that can pose a risk. The Google Play Store is also an application store that has several applications left by developers.

Now, a new report from fraud protection company Pixalate suggests that the company is deleting abandoned apps. The two companies (Apple and Google) collectively pulled 592,000 apps in the second quarter of this year from their respective app stores. In the previous quarter, the two companies jointly removed 220,000 applications that were Abandonware. This quarter's number more than doubled this number of 592,000 applications, which is a record in 2022.

The top ten apps removed by Apple and Googlei that were abandoned or suspicious from their respective app stores in Q2 2022.

Here you can see the top ten apps removed by Apple and Google For Apple, there was an 8.652% increase in apps removed from the list in the first quarter of this year. According to reports, 64% of the apps removed by the late Steve Jobs' company haven't been updated in at least two years. Additionally, Apple has cracked down on “Health & Fitness” apps, including 178 family planning apps. Basically, all of those apps had more than 117 million users before being pulled from the two app stores. The majority of them, or 82% to be precise, state no application registration. In addition, 35 of them are linked to Sberbank, which is a Russian-owned business.

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