Animated Telegram Stickers Make Online Communication More Colorful

Animated stickers are believed to be able to provide more colorful online communication. In his new book, “The Emoji Code” by MacMillan Picador, English linguist Vyv Evans argues that emojis make users better communicators. Evans calls emoji a “nearly universal form of communication,” replacing internet slang such as LOL (laugh out loud) with popular emoji. In a survey led by Evans that interviewed 2,000 adults, 72 percent of 18 to 25-year-olds said they found it easier to express their feelings in emoji icons than in text. In the same group, 51 percent said that emojis make them better communicators. In addition to the interactive emojis.

Telegram has been rolling out its sticker feature since 2015. Since then, the sticker feature has continued to evolve and allows users to visualize their feelings. Here are the Telegram Stickers, Animated and Video Stickers. Users can search for the appropriate sticker while chatting by pressing the icon for stickers on the right side of the message box. There is also a faster way to find a sticker that suits your taste, by typing an emoji to your liking, so Telegram can immediately recommend a similar sticker. If you are a Telegram Premium user, you can access many stickers with full-screen animations that can still be seen by all users, to be more emotional and expressive to everyone. This sticker collection itself will be updated every month so you don't have to lose your way of expression. Interactive Emojis With Telegram, emojis come to life. By sending a specific emoji as to any private chat, the user can click on the animated emoji to release the effect on the entire screen. If your chat friends are both opening their respective chat rooms, animations and vibrations will play simultaneously on your cellphone, so it will feel close even when far apart. Unique Reactions With the Reactions feature, users can immediately react to a friend's message, without sending a new message.

Double-tap the desired message to provide a response. rapidly. For other reactions, double-tap the message (or press the message for iOS users). Each reaction will appear with its unique animation. Telegram Premium users also get access to more reactions, with more than 10 other emojis (including favorite emoji). Create Groups Easily Having a Telegram group with friends certainly makes communication easier. Telegram groups can be set up to add up to 200,000 members. If any of your friends don't have a Telegram account yet, there's no need to worry about missing out on previous fun chats. With Telegram, they can still join group chats now and don't feel left out because their previous chat history is still available for new members to read.

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