8 Dinner Menus for a Diet that Doesn't Make You Fat

Who says you can't eat dinner while on a healthy diet? You are still recommended to fill the stomach at night. It's just that, you really need to carefully choose the ingredients and the dinner menu for the diet.

A healthy dinner menu is not only useful for meeting nutritional needs, but also makes you full so you don't overeat. So, what are the dinner menus that can help you lose weight?

Dinner menu when dieting

The main principle of losing weight is to make sure the calories burned are greater than the intake. You can achieve this by calculating your calorie needs, and then eating foods based on their nutrients and calories.

However, apparently not all food passes through your body in the same way. Even though the two types of food contain the same amount of calories, one of them can cause weight gain when consumed at night.

This is because each food ingredient can have its own effect on digestive hormones, hunger, and the number of calories your body burns. In order for your diet to be successful, below are a variety of foods that are suitable for dinner while on a diet.

1. Boiled Egg

Eggs are among the best foods for a diet because they contain healthy proteins and fats. These foodstuffs are also filling so you don't have to worry about feeling hungry again at night.

Interestingly, egg yolks contain almost all types of nutrients. Because of the dense and diverse nutritional content of eggs, these foods can even help meet the daily needs of someone who is on a low-calorie diet.

2. Sauteed tuberous vegetables

The dinner menu for your diet should also include this one vegetable. Tuberous vegetables from the cruciferous family such as cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower include vegetables that are very dense in fiber.

These vegetables are also high in protein, although not as much as animal products. Fiber and protein will keep your stomach full. At the same time, its low calories can help you lose weight.

3. Roast meat without fat

Beef and chicken are not the enemy of the diet. On the other hand, meat can actually help you lose weight thanks to its high protein content. Protein is the most filling nutrient and can burn more calories.

A study in the journal Obesity showed that additional protein intake can reduce hunger and the desire to eat at night. In addition, protein intake can lose weight up to 0.45 kg a week.

4. Clear soup

Soup is a low-calorie food, but high in water and nutrients. This is the right combination of the dinner menu for the diet. The reason is, you can meet nutritional needs and get full quickly without having to get excess calories.

You are free to choose the type of protein and vegetables in the soup, but we recommend using a clear broth made from broth. Avoid soups that contain too much fat, such as cream soups or soups with added coconut milk.

5. Avocado without added sugar

Avocados do contain a lot of fat, but don't worry. Avocado fat is an unsaturated fatty acid that is beneficial for the body. A number of studies even prove that this fat can help you lose weight.

Unsaturated fatty acids also help lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Not only that, the fiber and water in avocados also make this fruit low in calories so it doesn't add excess calories for people who are on a diet.

6. Salmon and tuna

The dinner menu for your diet again comes from fatty foods. Although known as fatty fish, salmon and tuna actually do not make weight gain. Both of these fish are rich in protein which can keep you full longer.

Fish also contains iodine, an essential mineral needed for the functioning of the thyroid gland. Iodine deficiency can interfere with thyroid function in regulating metabolism. One of the effects is hunger and thirst that are difficult to control.

7. Steamed Potato

Potatoes are known as a substitute for rice during diets. In fact, its function is not only that. This carbohydrate source is good for consumption during a diet because it makes the stomach full quickly and contains almost all the nutrients the body needs.

If you are steaming potatoes, try allowing the cooked potatoes to cool slightly. This will trigger the formation of fibers called digestible starch. This fiber can keep you full longer and speed up weight loss.

8. Nuts and seeds

Don't forget to add nuts and seeds to your dinner menu for your diet. Nuts and seeds are excellent sources of fiber and plant-based protein. Like potatoes, these foods also contain digestible fiber.

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