The IOC Urged the Sports Championship in Russia Canceled

The International Olympic committee (IOC) denounced the action of the military invasion of Russia to Ukraine, which is considered to violate the principle of the Olympic Truce, and urged all the sports federation canceled all championships in Russia and Belarus.

“The executive board of the IOC on today urged all the international sports federation to move the location or cancel the scheduled sport activities held in Russia or Belarus,” a statement from the IOC, Friday, February 25, 2022.

“They should consider the violation of the Olympic truce by the governments of Russia and Belarus, as well as provide the security and safety of athletes as a top priority which is absolute."

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The IOC Committee and Paralympic games International (IPC) one voice condemned the violations committed by Russia after President Vladimir Putin melancurkan a large-scale attack to Ukraine, the early hours of Thursday last (24/2).

The IOC explained that Russia has violated the UN Resolution was made in December last year, in which the 193 UN member states have agreed not to perform the attack started seven days before the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic games in Beijing on 4 February, and ended seven days after the closing of the Paralympic games on March 13.

In the same statement, the IOC also imposed sanctions ban the raising of the national flags of Russia and Belarus in a variety of championships of the international sport.

“The executive board of the IOC is also urged that there is no national flags of Russia and Belarus was raised, nor is there the national anthem of the Russian and Belarus is echoed in the international sports events, and these sanctions are not part of the sanctions World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to Russia.”

The IOC has also formed a task force to monitor the situation of the conflict, and if possible they would raise humanitarian assistance to members of the community of the Olympic games in Ukraine.

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