Response Tuchel over the Invasion of Russia that could Potentially Harm the Chelsea

Chelsea coach Thomas Tuchel understand the criticism that is directed to the club over the tragedy of the invasion of Russia of Ukraine. But, he himself condemned the invasion and hoped that all parties can be patient over the situation gripping the middle of the happening.

As reported by, Wednesday 26 February, members of parliament from the Labour Party in the Uk, Chris Bryant, has urged the government of his country to confiscate the assets of Roman Abramovic who is the owner of Chelsea.

Earlier this week, the Uk government also announced it will impose sanctions to the three billionaires who have a close relationship with Russian president Vladimir Putin. Abramovich incidentally one of the richest people in Russia that is predicted to have a special closeness with president Putin.

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Tuchel actually are busy to prepare the team to welcome the final of the League Cup (Carabao Cup) against Liverpool at Wembley Stadium on Sunday 27 February. However, he can't just shut up with the criticism that attack because of his job as a coach so distracted.

"We should not pretend this is not a problem. The situation for all the people here are terrible. No one expecting it, and this is not very real. This situation is clouding the mind and joy we are heading to the final (the League Cup)," said Tuchel.

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