Don't Get me Wrong, This is the Difference Goiter and Thyroid Cancer

When you find a lump on your neck is definitely very panicked and anxious, yes! However, the actual bumps that appear in the neck can occur due to swelling of the thyroid gland or better known as goiter. However, it is not likely the lump also signifies a more serious health problem, namely thyroid cancer. 

The thyroid gland itself is the body organ that is located under the adam's apple. Shaped like a butterfly, and its function is to make thyroid hormones, control body temperature, heart rate, weight, and blood pressure. Even though the same attack the thyroid gland, it turns out the disease goiter and thyroid cancer have a difference that was pretty obvious.

Various Differences of thyroid Disease and Thyroid Cancer

Goiter and thyroid cancer into two health problems that are prone to occur in the thyroid gland. The second type of disease is not the same even though it looks similar, here the difference between the two:

The Underlying cause

Goiter is a swelling of the thyroid gland resulting in the appearance of bumps on the front of the neck. The most leading causes of the appearance of a goiter is the lack of iodine intake.  While other causes, such as inflammation of the thyroid gland, pregnancy, infections, and certain medical conditions, such as Hashimoto's disease and graves. However, there are also conditions that indicate that the goiter occurs due to the presence of thyroid cancer.

Different with thyroid cancer that occurs due to mutations or changes in DNA cells located in the thyroid gland. This resulted in the emergence of cells in the abnormal and uncontrolled cell-damaging healthy surrounding. The risk of thyroid cancer will be increased in people who have thyroid disorders, had exposure to the radiation in a long time, genetic factors, and obesity. 


Mumps is usually characterized by the presence of a lump in the neck that is followed by many other symptoms. These health problems also makes the thyroid gland is not able to meet the needs of thyroid hormones in the body. As a result, people will feel tired, cold constantly, dry skin, frequent drowsiness, constipation and problems with concentration. 

However, mumps can also trigger high levels of thyroid hormones in the body are show different symptoms. Symptoms, such as weight decreased, more sensitive to heat, excessive sweating, difficulty sleeping, hypertension, and increased appetite. 

Meanwhile, thyroid cancer shows different symptoms of the mumps. Despite the bumps will appear on the location that is almost similar, but the bumps that occur because of thyroid cancer will develop more quickly. Not only that, people also feel pain in the area of the neck to the ears.

Then, there is a change in sound to be larger or sounds more hoarse. People are also having trouble swallowing food and drinks that lead to a decrease in appetite and weight. Some of the conditions of thyroid cancer also showed symptoms of cough did not improve in the absence of an indication of infection or irritation. 

Thus was the difference in goiter and thyroid cancer of the causes and symptoms appear. You could soon conduct the examination in a hospital nearby when you feel a lump in the neck.

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