Auto-cast an evil eye, Due to Kick of the Cat's Own Kurt Zouma was Fined and Left a Sponsor

Players West Ham United Kurt Zouma cast an evil eye or stricken after kicking the cat his own. Players from France was fined the club and left a sponsor.

 Deeds Zouma kick the cat was beviral on social media. In the video obtained by The Sun, Zouma don't just kick, center back 27 years it also throws and slap a purebred cat bengal it.

Chelsea have fined the club

Club parties condemn Zouma such. In their official statement the club supports the investigation of the RSPCA for the actions of Kurt Zouma in the video that is circulating.

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“Kurt and the Club is cooperating fully in the investigation and the player with the voluntary adhere to the steps that are taken in the early stages of the process, including sending two cats his family to the RSPCA for the assessment,” wrote the official club statement, as quoted by, Thursday, February 10, 2022.

 In the statement mentioned Zouma regret such actions. Regardless of the investigation of the RSPCA club party has mendeda Zouma with a maximum.

“West Ham United can confirm that Kurt Zouma has been fined the maximum following the actions in the video that is circulating. Players receive fines, which he and the club agreed will be donated to a charity of animal welfare,” said the statement.

 Fines received Zouma called amounted to 250 thousand pounds sterling (Rp4,9 billion) because of rule in the English premier League sets the maximum fines against players adalan of a two-week salary.

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